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Cámara de Representantes
Parliamentary bodies dealing with gender equality :
Special Committee on Gender and Equality

Type of parliamentary body Specialized
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Cámara de Representantes
Date of creation Created by the Chamber of Representatives in 2000.
Last renewal date N/A
Mandate Analyzes legislation introduced by the executive or one or more legislators and reports its conclusions to the Chamber, which may or may not approve the Bills in question. It oversees their application but lacks enforcement powers. Addresses issues raised by citizens (individuals or groups), including social organizations. Sponsors and promotes events in connection with matters under its purview.
Membership The Committee has nine members, appointed by political agreement in proportion to the composition of the Chamber. Members are named for a five-year term; the Committee Chair rotates annually. <p>Composition by sex: 3 men (35%), 6 women (65%)
Working methods Matters for consideration are placed on the agenda of the Committee in an order that reflects their political importance or social impact. The Chair and the Secretariat convene Committee meetings weekly. The meetings are restricted to members of the Committee. However, they may invite public or private parties to contribute to the matters under consideration. The Committee also issues reports on specific questions, such as prison conditions. Decisions on the referral of draft legislation to the Chamber of Representatives are taken by a simple majority vote, unless they affect specified laws. For example, certain provisions of draft legislation on political participation quotas (blocked during the last session) require a special majority, because they would affect current election laws. If the required majority is not achieved in the Committee, the legislation is not referred to the Plenary for the rest of the parliamentary session. Following Plenary approval in both houses, the executive promulgates and regulates legislation. As mentioned earlier, there is no institutionalized oversight thereafter.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The Committee advises the Plenary of the Chamber of Representatives. Joint meetings can be held with other committees, as warranted, to address specific matters.
Relations with external bodies The Committee maintains smooth relations with outside bodies in coordinating activities, setting agendas and discussing points of interest.
Subjects dealt with Domestic violence, political participation and sexual and reproductive health. On 8 March 2005, the Committee released a publication on national and international norms with respect to domestic violence. The report evaluated the Domestic Violence Act one year after its approval, and the conclusions of a seminar to analyze and evaluate Law No. 17,514.
Main address Comisiones Especial de Genero y Equidad
Palacio Legislativo
Avda. de las Leyes S/n, Montevideo
Website http://www0.parlamento.gub.uy/GxEmule/IntComNom.asp?Fecha=20082012&Cuerpo=D&Comision=1013&TipoLeg=Act
Name Ms. Graciela Matiauda
Notes Chairperson
Address (if different from above)
Phone +598 2924 674
Fax +598 2924 7382
E-mail gmatiauda@parlamento.gub.uy
Name Ms. Daniela Payssé
Notes Vice-Chairperson
Address (if different from above)
Phone +598 2924 7783
Fax +598 2924 6285
E-mail dpaysse@parlamento.gub.uy
Name Ms. Lilian Fernandez
Notes Prosecretary
Special Committee on Gender and Equality
Address (if different from above)
Phone +598 2 142 2260
E-mail cege@parlamento.gub.uy
web site:
Name Mr. Nelson Jorge Mosco
Notes Secretary

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