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Cámara de Representantes
Parliamentary bodies dealing with HIV/AIDS :
Health Committee

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Cámara de Representantes
Cámara de Senadores
Date of creation ...
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Mandate Uruguay does not have a parliamentary body dealing specifically with HIV/AIDS. On 31 May 2005 the executive established an interinstitutional framework coordinated by the Health Ministry and referred to as the Country Coordinating Mechanism for the Uruguayan Proposal "AIDS: opportunity or spread?", whose basic objective was to submit the proposal to Round 5 of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The mechanism subsequently became a permanent institution that meets once a month. Its mission, besides external fund-raising, is to conduct prevention campaigns, to set up working groups in charge of formulating proposals on the subject in a wide range of contexts, to draft a national strategic plan, etc.
Membership The mechanism comprises representatives of the public agencies in charge of national planning, the budget and the definition and implementation of the relevant policies, and other agencies, as follows: Planning and Budget Office, Office of the President of the Republic Ministries of Health, External Relations, Social Development and the Interior Legislature (House of Representatives and Senate) Congress of Mayors National Education Administration University of the Republic Inter-Trade Union Assembly - Workers' National Convention (PIT-CNT) Network of NGOs fighting HIV/AIDS Churches involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS UNDP UNICEF Private sector
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