Press Note

Attack on Afghan Parliament an assault on democracy

Geneva, 22 June 2015
The Parliament and surrounding areas were secured by Afghan forces after a lengthy gun battle. ©WAKIL KOHSAR / AFP

IPU has strongly condemned a violent assault on the Afghan Parliament by suspected Taliban militants on the day MPs were due to consider the appointment of a new Defence Minister.

The attack reportedly left several people dead and dozens injured. The Afghan government has said seven militants who carried out the attack had been killed.  Officials said none of the MPs was hurt.
 "Any attack on parliament is an assault on democracy itself,” said IPU Secretary General Martin Chungong. “This attack is a flagrant attempt to subvert the political will of the Afghan people and the critical work of parliament. "

Afghan MPs have been repeatedly targeted by militants while carrying out their democratic mandate, resulting in several assassinations and injuries of both MPs and family members in recent years.

IPU is calling on the international community to show unwavering resolve in the fight against terrorism in all its forms. The Organization is also calling for greater support and protection for MPs in a difficult and often violent environment.

"The Afghan people continue to stand firm in the face of terrorism and efforts to undermine the developing democracy within the country.  They need all the support possible to be able to safely carry out their work to oversee government, represent their constituents and to legislate effectively," stated IPU President Saber Chowdhury.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is the global organization of national parliaments. It works to safeguard peace and drives positive democratic change through political dialogue and concrete action.

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