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Working Group on Syria

The Working Group on Syria was established by the Executive Committee at the 136th IPU Assembly in April 2017, in response to the Syrian crisis and with a view to advancing an inclusive and comprehensive political settlement in Syria.

The primary objectives of the Working Group are to explore appropriate practical measures to be taken by the global parliamentary community in order to advance a political settlement in Syria, work towards alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Syria and support effective global efforts to combat international terrorism in the region.

The Working Group is composed of six core members of the Executive Committee. Additionally, each of the six geopolitical groups can nominate one representative to join the meetings of the Working Group. Representatives from the Syrian Parliament and the Syrian political opposition are invited to cooperate in the activities of the Working Group. The Working Group will report on the outcomes of its activities directly to the Executive Committee.


Mr. K. Kosachev

Russian Federation
President and member of Executive Committee

Mr. R. del Picchia

Vice-President and member of Executive Committee

Ms. M. Mensah-Williams

Vice-President and member of Executive Committee

Mr. K. Jalali

Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
Member of Executive Committee

Ms. Y. Ferrer Gómez

Member of Executive Committee

Mr. A. Abdel Aal

Member of Executive Committee

Ms. M.I. Oliveira Valente

Member of Executive Committee

Ms. C. Roth

Twelve Plus Group

Mr. R. El Abdi

Arab Group

Ms. S. Isayan

Eurasia Group

Ms. G. Cuevas Barron

IPU President (ex officio member)