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يوم 15 سبتمبر: اليوم العالمي للديموقراطية


IPU is marking International Day of Democracy 2016 on 15 September with the theme ‘Democracy 2030’ – an invitation and challenge to all parliaments to think about the future of democracy.

This includes from the perspectives of young people – the 20 / 30 years old- and regarding the United Nations’ groundbreaking 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development .

Imagining the future is fundamental for building strong democracies that contribute to achieving sustainable development. International Day of Democracy is a key opportunity to challenge ideas, allow diverse voices to be heard and engage the general public. The IPU is inviting all parliaments to mark the day with specific activities and actions.

Key questions for International Day of Democracy 2016 include:
* How will the institutions of democracy – parliament, political parties and elections – change between now and 2030?
* Will the existing political processes be sufficient to enable young people to express their aspirations – or do new processes need to be invented?
* What new forms of collaborative, participative decision-making will emerge in the digital era?
* How will parliaments connect the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with the concerns and hopes of their citizens?

To be successful, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development requires engaged and committed parliaments that can enable governments to act, while holding them accountable to their commitments.

For the International Day of Democracy , IPU will also be highlighting how young people have a key role to play in democracy’s present and future. Engaging youth in their own spaces – while at the same time creating spaces for young people in parliaments – is a core part of any effort to re-imagine parliaments and democracy for the future.

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