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United Nations

Working with the UN is a crucial and growing part of our work. We believe our partnership will grow as we work to enhance accountability and ensure parliamentarians are involved in global decisions. Our goal is to have a parliamentary perspective reflected in UN decisions and to engage parliaments actively in meeting international commitments.

We believe, and the UN agrees, that parliaments play a vital role in democratic governance, human rights, gender equality, peace and development.

Our work with the UN extends across a growing range of areas. At a global level, we contribute to shaping international policies such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also work together operationally, building parliamentary capacity and reinforcing links between parliaments and UN country teams.

We ensure the participation of MPs in UN bodies such as the Human Rights Council, Peacebuilding Commission, Commission on the Status of Women, Development Cooperation Forum (DCF), High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development and the UN Youth Forum.

Since 2002, we have had Permanent Observer Status with the UN. Our office in New York works to enhance our cooperation with the UN on a daily basis, advocating IPU positions as endorsed by our member Parliaments. Every year, with the President of the UN General Assembly, we hold a Parliamentary Hearing on an issue high on the UN agenda.

Every five years, we convene the World Conference of Speakers of Parliament—a global summit focusing on the parliamentary role in international cooperation and the promotion of global democratic governance.