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Assistance in action

We work actively throughout the world to help develop strong, well-functioning parliaments that can rise to modern challenges.

We deliver hands-on assistance to parliaments. Our work enables parliaments to develop, reform and modernize. It assists individual MPs and parliamentary staff to further develop their parliamentary knowledge and skills. We connect parliaments that want to grow by using the experiences of the members and staff of other parliaments from similar political systems. 

Our goal is to help parliaments deliver on their democratic mandate, so they are better able serve the people they represent.

This is a fundamental and growing part of our work, particularly with countries in political transition and emerging from conflict.

All this work is driven by the parliaments themselves, and underpinned by the standards, core values and guidelines we develop.

We have been engaged in this work since the 1970s, offering practical help to strengthen the institution of parliament in many different ways. We have assisted parliaments to draft new constitutions, review their committee systems, reform procedures, and run induction sessions for new MPs. We have worked with parliaments to strengthen the skills of staff, and to develop their research, library and information management capabilities through an increased and better use of ICT.

Our work to strengthen parliaments forms part of our overall mandate: strong democratic parliaments serving the people.

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