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The 130th Anniversary

The IPU was founded 130 years ago on 30 June 1889 as the first political multilateral organization in the world, encouraging cooperation and dialogue between all nations.

Under the umbrella slogan of "130 years of empowering parliamentarians", the IPU and its Members are celebrating 130 years of parliamentary diplomacy and action from June 2019 to June 2020.

On the anniversary day itself, Sunday 30 June 2019 - also International Day of Parliamentarism - the Presidents of the most recent and future IPU Assemblies met in a "Quintet" of current IPU leadership. The Speakers and IPU leadership discussed the ongoing relevance of the founding values and principles of the IPU 130 years on, results achieved at the previous Assemblies, and actions ahead.

The IPU's  Member Parliaments celebrated the milestone in a number of different events around the world. IPU Members also contributed to the production of a special anniversary book as well as the elaboration of a dedicated charter for parliamentary diplomacy.

The IPU also created an online exhibition and timeline called 1889-2019: Celebrating 130 years of the IPU.

Watch '130 years in 130 seconds' to discover the IPU's rich history.