13 October 2016

Colombian senator and presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento was murdered at a political rally in 1989. His death was ordered by drugs baron Pablo Escobar and apparently plotted by high-level members of the security forces.

23 September 2016

Gabriela Cuevas is an MP for Mexico’s National Action Party. She has held various positions and had responsibility for youth campaigning during Vicente Fox’s successful presidential campaign in 2000.

22 September 2016

Farkhunda Zahra Naderi is a passionate young MP from Afghanistanone of the most dangerous places in the world to be a female politician. She was elected to parliament in 2010 and became President of IPU’s Committee on Democracy and Human Rights in 2014.

18 September 2014

Dr Nada Ibrahim is a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the Iraqi National Dialogue Front, a Sunni party. First elected in December 2005 under the newly adopted Iraqi constitution, she is now serving her second term as an MP.

18 September 2014

Former world-class Mexican athlete Ana Gabriela Guevara is now a Senator. She works for social justice and considers it an honour to have entered politics.

30 June 2014

MP and presidential hopeful Jaime Ricaurte Hurtado González was murdered outside Ecuador’s parliament building in 1999. Another MP and an official also died. The masterminds have never been brought to justice.

30 May 2014

Eritrean MP Germano Nati has been held incommunicado without trial since 2001, one of a group of 11 seized after criticizing the country’s president, Isaias Afwerki.

30 May 2014

Former Bahraini MP Jawad Fairooz has been rendered stateless after being stripped of his nationality in 2012.

30 May 2014

Pedro Nel Jiménez Obando was one of a string of Colombian MPs murdered in a bloody period in the country’s history in the 1980s and 90s. No one has been brought to justice.

30 May 2014

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has faced a long battle in the country’s courts over allegations of sodomy and corruption.