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Global governance

We bring a parliamentary dimension to United Nations processes to ensure international commitments become national realities.

With increasing globalization, citizens all over the world feel left behind. Parliamentarians are representatives of the people and therefore have a critical role in bridging the gap between citizens’ expectations and global governance. Since their first World Conference in 2000, the Speakers of Parliament have consistently noted that IPU is called upon to provide a parliamentary dimension to international cooperation.

We are committed to increasing parliaments' role in global affairs, helping to overcome the democratic deficit in international relations, and ensuring that international commitments are translated into national realities.

IPU's strategic partnership with the United Nations ensures a parliamentary voice is heard in global decision-making processes. That partnership is underpinned by our renewed cooperation agreement and biennial resolutions of the UN General Assembly.

We bring a parliamentary component to global talks, including through the Annual Parliamentary Hearings at the United Nations. We help mainstream global commitments into the day-to-day work of national parliaments and support parliaments in their vital role of holding governments to account in implementing multilateral agreements.

Our Committee on UN Affairs facilitates greater understanding of UN processes and work, and brings the voice of parliamentarians to UN policy makers.

We also work with the World Trade Organization (WTO) through an ongoing process that IPU and the European Parliament launched in 2003. The Parliamentary Conference on the WTO brings a parliamentary contribution to WTO-led trade negotiations and promotes greater transparency and accountability in the work of the organization.

IPU and the United Nations
No. of UN Member States sponsoring the UN Resolution on Interaction between the UN, national parliaments and the IPU
MPs and global trade
No. of parliaments ratifying the Trade Facilitation Agreement
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Our goal is to have a parliamentary perspective reflected in UN decisions and to engage parliaments actively in meeting international commitments.
World trade policies affect billions of people across the planet. Photo: ©IITA/CCBY
The Parliamentary Conference on WTO aims to enhance parliamentarians’ understanding of the organization and to promote common parliamentary action on international trade.
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Global governance
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Global governance
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