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We promote youth participation by monitoring its prevalence in parliaments and issuing policy and legislative guidance for its enhancement. We convene young men and women parliamentarians from around the world to work together, devise youth-led solutions and foster influence over global affairs from a youth perspective. We also provide technical support to parliaments wishing to increase youth representation and enhance youth perspectives to legislation and policies.

An international hub for data and guidance on youth participation in parliaments

The IPU is the world hub for data, information and guidance on youth participation in parliaments. Based on survey data from parliaments, our reports on Youth Participation in National Parliaments contain authoritative age- and gender-disaggregated data of parliamentarians, as well as deeper comparative analysis of trends and patterns at national, regional and global levels. It also examines measures parliaments have taken to strengthen youth participation and their contribution to their work, and provides strong recommendations, such as adopting quotas and aligning the minimum age to run for office with the minimum age to vote.

A networking platform for young parliamentarians

The IPU brings together young MPs from all around the world. It organizes meetings, conferences and workshops for young MPs on a regular basis. It also facilitates the participation of young MPs in global deliberations.

Tailor-made support to parliaments

Building on the expertise developed through its research and network of parliamentarians and partners, the IPU works alongside parliaments to enhance youth participation. This includes support for legislative drafting to increase youth representation, support for the creation or enhancement of committees, groups or caucuses to provide youth perspectives to the work of parliament, and capacity-building workshops and mentorships for young MPs.

The IPU also organizes campaigns to boost political momentum for youth empowerment.