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Briefs for parliamentarians on HIV and AIDS - Making the law work for the response to HIV

The briefs introduce priority issues requiring action by parliamentarians towards a world with zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination, and zero AIDS-related deaths. They accompany the IPU-UNAIDS-UNDP Handbook for parliamentarians,
ʺTaking action against HIV and AIDSʺ. The Handbook and the Briefs call for bold parliamentary leadership and serve as reference volumes that legislators and their staff can consult for information and guidance on awide range of issues relating to the epidemic.

PDF versions:
ʺMaking the law work for the response to HIVʺ: English (692 Kb), French (716 Kb)
ʺTowards an HIV-free generation: Ending the vertical transmission of HIVʺ: English (596 Kb), French (610 Kb)

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