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Parliaments are at the heart of the response to climate change. The brochure focuses on parliaments’ role in strengthening the international response. It also highlights four key action areas with practical recommendations on how to achieve delivery on reducing global
Parliamentarians play a key role in the effective implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1540. In the face of a growing and pervasive terrorist threat, which strikes unpredictably and indiscriminately, it is imperative to take the necessary measures to prevent
IPU is at the forefront to support parliaments in their efforts to provide better health outcomes for all, especially the most marginalized. This infographic presents IPU action on health, identifies parliaments supported and highlights the results achieved at national, regional
The 2016 World e-Parliament Report identifies how parliaments are using information and communication technologies (ICT) to engage with citizens.
Child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) is a human rights violation that robs a girl of her childhood, puts her health and growth at risk, disrupts her education, limits her opportunities for empowerment and social development, and increases her risk
This handbook covers the issues, tools and policy responses to international migration.
The annual brochure provides an overview and analysis of progress made and setbacks encountered by women in parliament further to elections and renewals held over a year. Produced every year on the occasion of International Women's Day (2 March), it
The IPU Annual Report offers a summary of the salient events and meetings. Richly illustrated with photographs, this publication provides a vital overview of the activities of the world organization of parliaments. The final section covers more institutional aspects such
This publication looks at how women's representation in parliament has fared in the 20 years since the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action on women's empowerment as well as in the year between 2014 and 2015. Although the news
A unique visual tool to capture women’s participation in executive government and in parliament on a given date – 1st January 2015. The map of Women in Politics not only provides a country ranking for both ministerial and parliamentary representation
Like many countries, Viet Nam is facing formidable challenges in sustaining a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic as international funding shrinks and national resources become limited. Nevertheless, it has announced new targets to rapidly expand HIV treatment by 2020. A
Many aid-recipient countries either do not have a proper national aid policy or have policies that are not strong enough to include strong accountability measures. The IPU commissioned this note to provide guidance on: working together to develop a clear