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Download this infographic on the statistics and trends on human rights abuses of MPs during 2015 revealed through the work of IPU's Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians.
Over 150 parliamentary speakers gathered at the UN Headquarters for the Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament from 31 August to 2 September 2015 in New York.
This practical guide draws on the experiences and practices of several legislatures. It is intended to help parliaments to take informed decisions when developing their capacity to publish records of plenary and committee proceedings. It will be of particular interest
There are an estimated 10 million people in the world who are not recognized as a national of any country, i.e. stateless. Every year, tens of thousands of children are born stateless. Statelessness is not just about identity but also
Although indigenous peoples make up five per cent of the global population, they account for one third of the one billion extremely poor rural people. In addition, indigenous peoples suffer widespread violations of rights and are often excluded from decision
With the global AIDS response becoming increasingly hampered by the criminalization of key populations, this study aims to encourage and assist parliamentary scrutiny of legislation that impedes effective HIV interventions. It highlights the various processes in selected parliaments that led
The IPU Annual Report offers a summary of the salient events and meetings. Richly illustrated with photographs, this publication provides a vital overview of the activities of the world organization of parliaments. The final section covers more institutional aspects such
Thirty years into the HIV epidemic, children continue to be left behind when it comes to treatment of HIV. Despite the fact that children represent 1 out of every 7 new HIV infections, the rate of children diagnosed, enrolled, and
The poster is a ʺsnapshotʺ of the presence of women in the Executive and Legislative branches of Government, in January 2014. The poster provides information on the percentage of women in ministerial ranks, women in parliaments, women in the highest
IPU's Advisory Group on HIV/AIDS-MNCH undertook a field mission to Burundi in November 2013. The mission offered a series of recommendations on how to boost the country's fight against HIV and AIDS through parliamentary action. These included strengthening efforts on
2014 is the 125th anniversary of the creation of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in 1889. This booklet retraces the main themes of the IPU over the years, including peace, democracy, gender equality and human rights. It highlights ways in which the
How can the issue of political participation of indigenous peoples be addressed if there is no information on how many indigenous people are formally involved in politics? This IPU survey has found that there are a minimum of 987 indigenous