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IPU's Advisory Group on HIV/AIDS-MNCH undertook a field mission to Burundi in November 2013. The mission offered a series of recommendations on how to boost the country's fight against HIV and AIDS through parliamentary action. These included strengthening efforts on
2014 is the 125th anniversary of the creation of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in 1889. This booklet retraces the main themes of the IPU over the years, including peace, democracy, gender equality and human rights. It highlights ways in which the
How can the issue of political participation of indigenous peoples be addressed if there is no information on how many indigenous people are formally involved in politics? This IPU survey has found that there are a minimum of 987 indigenous
Download this infographic on the statistics and trends on human rights abuses of MPs during 2014 revealed through the work of IPU's Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians. This publication is only available in PDF format.
Gender quotas are increasingly being used as a way to increase women’s political participation and representation. The Atlas of Electoral Gender Quotas is a unique collection of data on how such quotas are being used around the world. It presents
Based on more than four decades of experience on parliamentary development, the Common Principles for Support to Parliament offer clear guidelines for those receiving or providing support to parliaments. They aim to improve the quality of the support available to
Democracy depends on all voices in society being represented in parliament. Less than two per cent of MPs are below the age of 30. Youth engagement and participation in formal politics is critical to the future of democracy. This report
With more people internally displaced in the world than before, this Handbook for Parliamentarians jointly produced with UNHCR will help countries and parliaments dealing with such crises to put in place effective legislation and guidance on its implementation.
How can MPs more effectively tackle one of the most serious developmental issues the world faces – maternal and new-born child health? IPU’s Handbook for Parliamentarians no 21 is a highly practical resource for MPs everywhere to use in their
More than 80 caucuses for women parliamentarians now exist globally. In a political environment still heavily dominated by men, these practical “Guidelines for Women’s Caucuses” provide all the information you need to have on why such groups for women parliamentarians
The annual brochure provides an overview and analysis of progress made and setbacks encountered by women in parliament further to elections and renewals held over a year. Produced every year on the occasion of International Women's Day (2 March), it
The IPU Annual Report offers a summary of the salient events and meetings. Richly illustrated with photographs, this publication provides a vital overview of the activities of the world organization of parliaments. The final section covers more institutional aspects such