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The Press and Information Service of the Inter-Parliamentary Union issues press releases on the occasion of statutory Inter-Parliamentary Conferences and specialized meetings, as well as other important events in the life of the Union. Archives

Take a look at the most topical press releases below, or browse through a complete chronological collection of them issued in recent years.

Bullet IPU calls for respect of parliamentary immunity and freedom of expression of DRC MPs (Geneva, 6 August 2014)
Bullet IPU calls for full investigation into death threats against Maldivian MPs (Geneva, 4 August 2014)
Bullet IPU’s President Abdelwahad Radi awarded Morocco´s highest distinction (Geneva, 4 August 2014)
Bullet Only dialogue leading to win-win solutions can bring peace to Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Geneva, 29 July 2014)
Bullet Greater efforts needed to protect MPs in Somalia, IPU says (Geneva, 23 July 2014)
Bullet IPU welcomes release of Cambodian MPs and political agreement between government and opposition (Geneva, 22 July 2014)
Bullet Deep concern at arrests of Cambodian MPs and stifling of political opposition (Geneva, 18 July 2014)
Bullet Israeli, Palestinian MPs have duty to stop attacks and protect civilians in region (Geneva, 14 July 2014)
Bullet IPU deplores killing of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers, calls for restraint (Geneva, 2 July 2014)
Bullet New IPU Secretary General commits to reaching out to marginalized regions of world (Geneva, 1 July 2014)
Bullet Politicians must overcome lack of trust for future of democracy, says IPU on 125th anniversary (Geneva, 26 June 2014)
Bullet IPU welcomes the release of Turkish MP Engin Alan (Geneva, 20 June 2014)
Bullet President Sisi reaffirms commitment to democracy to IPU (Geneva, 10 June 2014)
Bullet Ending violence against women and girls: 25 policies nominated for Future Policy Award 2014 (Geneva, 6 June 2014)
Bullet Call for concerted global action to end violence against women (Geneva, 6 June 2014)
Bullet IPU deeply concerned by latest developments in Thailand (Geneva, 20 May 2014)
Bullet End attacks on Libyan parliament and renew impetus on roadmap to democracy (Geneva, 19 May 2014)
Bullet Investment in e-Parliaments essential for development of democracy (Seoul/Geneva, 12 May 2014)
Bullet IPU welcomes Maldives milestone in tackling violence against women (Geneva, 29 April 2014)
Bullet Support to Egypt begins on fulfilling roadmap to democracy (Geneva, 29 April 2014)
Bullet IPU calls for greater protection for MPs in Somalia following another assassination (Geneva, 22 April 2014)
Bullet IPU saddened by death of Malaysian MP Karpal Singh (Geneva, 17 April 2014)
Bullet IPU deeply concerned by attack on another Afghan woman MP (Geneva, 17 April 2014)
Bullet Sentencing of DRC opposition MP Diomi Ndongala deeply regrettable political act (Geneva, 27 March 2014)
Bullet Political opposition continue to be target, new cases on human rights of MPs show (Geneva, 21 March 2014)
Bullet Conflict, crises and nuclear disarmament IPU urges parliaments to make world more peaceful (Geneva, 20 March 2014)
Bullet First ever African elected as IPU Secretary General (Geneva, 20 March 2014)
Bullet IPU welcomes Tonga as 164th member of the Organization (Geneva, 17 March 2014)
Bullet Key commitments on safer world and election of new Secretary General to dominate 130th IPU Assembly (Geneva, 13 March 2014)
Bullet IPU concern over Anwar Ibrahim’s appeal hearing processl (Geneva, 7 March 2014)
Bullet Progress for women in politics, but glass ceiling remains firm (Geneva, 4 March 2014)
Bullet Gender parity in parliament possible within 20 years, new trends show (Geneva, 4 March 2014)
Bullet IPU welcomes decision to re-draft criminal law in Afghanistan (Geneva, 17 February 2014)
Bullet Greater protection for MPs needed in CAR following assassination (Geneva, 10 February 2014)
Bullet IPU urges rejection of Afghan law protecting abusers of women (Geneva, 10 February 2014)
Bullet IPU welcomes release of former Burundian MP Gérard Nkurunziza (Geneva, 3 February 2014)
Bullet Stabbing of Maldivian opposition MP condemned (Geneva, 3 February 2014)
Bullet New Constitution a defining moment for democracy in Tunisia (Geneva, 27 January 2014)
Bullet IPU calls for urgent humanitarian access to desperate populations in Syria (Geneva, 18 January 2014)
Bullet International community urged to act to resolve case of 11 imprisoned MPs in Eritrea (Geneva, 17 January 2014)
Bullet IPU Committee Meets to Tackle Cases on Human Rights of MPs (Geneva, 10 January 2014)
Bullet IPU welcomes political agreement on greater protection for Turkish MPs (Geneva, 9 January 2014)

ArchivesBrowse through a complete chronological collection of IPU press releases issued in recent years.


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