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Women parliamentary leaders focus on women's economic empowerment

Women Speakers of Parliament will identify ways they can lead efforts in the economic empowerment of women across the world during a two-day gathering in Geneva on 4-5 September. The Meeting of Women Speakers of Parliament, the ninth of its kind, is a unique annual gathering organized by IPU. It brings together the most senior women parliamentary leaders to find ways to address gender issues of national and international interest. Sixteen national and regional parliaments from Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe will be attending the 2014 meeting. Currently women Speakers make up less than 15 per cent of all Speakers of Parliament in the world. [read more]

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Buba Ayi Sanneh, MP, Gambia
"I entered into politics to be able to serve and defend my people at all cost."
Ragnheidur Rikhardsdottir, MP, Iceland
"I am in politics because I strongly believe that women need to have access to decision making both in parliaments and business corporations in the world."
Mario Ponce, MP, El Salvador
"I want to help my country address its political, economic and social challenges."
Salwa Damen-Masri, MP, Jordan
"I want to always be part of the international community that aims to achieve the goals of IPU, including international peace and security."
Carmelo Abela, MP, Malta
"I am in politics to make change happen in the interest of all, especially the most vulnerable."

IPU exhibit marks 125 years of action for stronger democracies

A major outdoor exhibit being launched in Geneva on 1st September is the latest in a year-long effort to celebrate IPU’s 125th anniversary. The exhibit will be on display along the Quai Wilson on Lake Geneva until 19th October and follows the conclusion of the 131st IPU Assembly. Entitled “L’action parlementaire en faveur de la paix et la démocratie”, the exhibit is composed of 50 panels that include a series of comic strips on parliaments and democracy by Franco-Swiss cartoonist Barrigue.  [read more]

Common principles for effective parliamentary development assistance

Representatives of Asian parliaments and parliamentary development organizations are meeting in Manila on 28-29 August in on-going work to develop a framework for coordination on parliamentary development assistance. Hosted by the Senate of the Philippines, participants will review the draft of the Common Principles for Parliamentary Development. Coordinated by IPU, this ambitious project will offer clear and helpful guidelines to parliaments and parliamentary development practitioners on receiving, providing or facilitating development assistance. [read more]

The global organization of parliaments, IPU works to establish democracy, peace and cooperation among peoples.

Representative Democracy

A strong and efficient parliament is critical to democracy. IPU works to make parliaments more effective in fulfilling their government oversight and legislative roles, in guaranteeing people’s rights and liberties and in securing peace and development.

Women in Politics     

Democracy means all voices are heard. IPU is committed to ensuring that women - half of the world’s population - are able to participate equally in politics. Its unique research and data on women’s political participation is a widely used barometer on progress.

International Peace and Security

IPU’s primary goals are peace and democracy. It gives special priority to preventing and eliminating conflict through political dialogue. It responds to crises which affect world or regional security and monitors certain conflict situations.

Promoting Human Rights

Parliament has a special responsibility to ensure human rights are respected. IPU provides protection and redress to MPs at risk of abuse and helps parliaments to make human rights a reality for everyone.

Sustainable Development

Parliaments play a critical role in social and economic development. IPU supports parliaments on key international development goals, on making development aid more effective and on strengthening parliamentary action on climate change.

Cooperation with the UN

IPU works closely with the United Nations and other multi-lateral bodies to ensure there is a parliamentary dimension to international cooperation, global governance as well as in the resolution of major international issues.

Key Events

IPU brings together parliamentarians from around the world to actively find solutions to global and regional problems.

You can find a list of Future Events here.

Meeting on Common Principles for Parliamentary Development Organizations

MANILA, 28-29 August 2014


9th Meeting of Women Speakers of Parliament

GENEVA, 4-5 September 2014


131st IPU Assembly and related meetings

Online registration

GENEVA, 12-16 October 2014