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IPU urges greater effort in resolving cases of political assassinations

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is urging national authorities across the world to make a concerted effort to bring to justice those responsible for the assassination of scores of MPs in recent decades. Marking the 16th anniversary today of the killing of Russian MP and human rights activist Galina Starovoitova, IPU is highlighting the large number of unresolved assassination cases, at times several decades after the crime was committed. Those who instigated the killing of Starovoitova in St. Petersburg on 20 November 1998 are still to be identified and brought to trial. This follows an unbroken pattern of impunity around political assassinations in all regions of the world. [read more]

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Mrs Ayelech Woldesemayat Eshete, MP, Ethiopia
"I wish success for women in all political, economic and social life. I got engaged in politics to contribute to equality for all human beings."
Matthias Köchl, MP, Austria
"We must contain the egoism of greed and reward honesty and commitment for the public good."
Jeanine Añez, MP, Bolivia
"I work to pass on the legacy of living in a real democracy to my children´s generation."
Alla Naumchik, MP, Belarus
"My big desire is for people to have a life free from war and catastrophe."
Mr Ekwee Ethuro, MP, Kenya
"My politics is driven by a desire to make a difference to ordinary people by creating favourable policies and strengthening democratic institutions to deliver on them."

MPs spotlight human rights at heart of sustainable development

More than 160 MPs from across the world will spotlight the need to put people and their human rights at the heart of a new sustainable development agenda during a parliamentary meeting at UN headquarters in New York. The Annual Parliamentary Hearing on 19-20 November will help inform the collective thinking of MPs on the new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they expire at the end of 2015. Although development thinking in recent years has evolved from a focus on just economic growth to a more people-centred approach, the reality is lagging behind. [read more]

Voices of strong Afghan women must not be extinguished

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has today condemned the attack on Afghan woman MP Shukria Barakzai on 16th November and once again urged authorities in the country to do more to ensure the voices of women political leaders are not extinguished or intimidated. Although Barakzai, a high-profile women’s rights activist and parliamentarian, survived the suicide bomb attack in Kabul, three people were killed and many more reportedly injured. Barakzai, also a member of IPU’s Standing Committee on Peace and International Security, is the latest Afghan woman MP to be targeted in recent years. Earlier this year, fellow MP Mariam Koofi was wounded in an attack when leaving her office whilst her MP sister Fawzia, also a prominent women’s rights activist, was similarly attacked in 2010. In 2013, Senator Rooh Gul Hirzad lost her daughter in an attack on her car, and MP Fariba Ahmadi Kakar was kidnapped and held for several weeks before her release was eventually secured. [read more]

The global organization of parliaments, IPU works to establish democracy, peace and cooperation among peoples.

Representative Democracy

A strong and efficient parliament is critical to democracy. IPU works to make parliaments more effective in fulfilling their government oversight and legislative roles, in guaranteeing people’s rights and liberties and in securing peace and development.

Women in Politics     

Democracy means all voices are heard. IPU is committed to ensuring that women - half of the world’s population - are able to participate equally in politics. Its unique research and data on women’s political participation is a widely used barometer on progress.

International Peace and Security

IPU’s primary goals are peace and democracy. It gives special priority to preventing and eliminating conflict through political dialogue. It responds to crises which affect world or regional security and monitors certain conflict situations.

Promoting Human Rights

Parliament has a special responsibility to ensure human rights are respected. IPU provides protection and redress to MPs at risk of abuse and helps parliaments to make human rights a reality for everyone.

Sustainable Development

Parliaments play a critical role in social and economic development. IPU supports parliaments on key international development goals, on making development aid more effective and on strengthening parliamentary action on climate change.

Cooperation with the UN

IPU works closely with the United Nations and other multi-lateral bodies to ensure there is a parliamentary dimension to international cooperation, global governance as well as in the resolution of major international issues.

Key Events

IPU brings together parliamentarians from around the world to actively find solutions to global and regional problems.

You can find a list of Future Events here.

Parliamentary meeting at the Second International Conference on Nutrition

ROME, 18 November 2014


Annual Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations

NEW YORK, 19-20 November 2014


Parliamentary meeting on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP20/CMP10)

LIMA, 8 December 2014

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