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IPU welcomes release of Cambodian MPs and political agreement between government and opposition

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has welcomed the release of seven Cambodian opposition MPs arrested last week on insurrection charges over their alleged role in a violent protest in Phnom Penh on 15 July. Nevertheless, IPU reiterates its call to the Cambodian authorities to fully respect due process and drop all charges against the MPs immediately unless strong evidence is produced. According to IPU sources, the parliamentarians have been freed on bail and are still facing an eventual court hearing. The release occurred immediately after the announcement of a long-awaited agreement between the government of Prime Minister Hun Sen and opposition leader Sam Rainsy to end the country´s nearly year-long political deadlock. [read more]

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Alphonsine Mukarugema, MP, Rwanda
"I am in politics so that the rights of the individual are respected and that all citizens have equal opportunities."
Antoni Picó i Azanza, MP, Spain
"As citizens, we should all dedicate time in our lives to work for the common good and for social justice."
Soon-Ok Chun, MP, Republic of Korea
"I am in politics to improve people’s life, especially for women workers."
Carolus Wimmer, MP, Latin American Parliament
"I am a member of the Latin American parliament to promote regional integration."
Nimal Siripala De Silva, MP, Sri Lanka
"My aim is to serve the people in my country and uphold democracies."

Israeli, Palestinian MPs have duty to stop attacks and protect civilians in region

The Inter-Parliamentary Union is urging both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to stop the air and rocket attacks immediately and prevent further loss of civilian life. The Organization is also calling on Israeli and Palestinian Members of Parliament (MPs) to take whatever action is necessary to end the violence that has led to the deaths and injuries of several hundred and the displacement of thousands of civilians in the region. As elected representatives of the people, MPs from both sides are duty bound to put the protection of civilians as a first priority. That entails oversight of governments to find appropriate legal solutions to problems instead of resorting to conflict as an immediate course of action. [read more]

Greater efforts needed to protect MPs in Somalia, IPU says

The Inter-Parliamentary Union has called for greater efforts to protect MPs in Somalia after the assassination of Saado Ali Warsame, the fourth parliamentarian killed this year by militants in the African country. Warsame was also a popular singer of Somali folk music. She and her driver were ambushed on Wednesday by gunmen as they were heading to a hotel in Mogadishu. Somalia’s Al Shabaab, which immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, had earlier this year reportedly threatened to kill the country’s parliamentarians “one by one”. IPU condemns this reprehensible attack, the latest in a string of attacks against MPs committed to putting in place a fully functional democracy in Somalia after two decades of civil war and unrest. [read more]

The global organization of parliaments, IPU works to establish democracy, peace and cooperation among peoples.

Representative Democracy

A strong and efficient parliament is critical to democracy. IPU works to make parliaments more effective in fulfilling their government oversight and legislative roles, in guaranteeing people’s rights and liberties and in securing peace and development.

Women in Politics     

Democracy means all voices are heard. IPU is committed to ensuring that women - half of the world’s population - are able to participate equally in politics. Its unique research and data on women’s political participation is a widely used barometer on progress.

International Peace and Security

IPU’s primary goals are peace and democracy. It gives special priority to preventing and eliminating conflict through political dialogue. It responds to crises which affect world or regional security and monitors certain conflict situations.

Promoting Human Rights

Parliament has a special responsibility to ensure human rights are respected. IPU provides protection and redress to MPs at risk of abuse and helps parliaments to make human rights a reality for everyone.

Sustainable Development

Parliaments play a critical role in social and economic development. IPU supports parliaments on key international development goals, on making development aid more effective and on strengthening parliamentary action on climate change.

Cooperation with the UN

IPU works closely with the United Nations and other multi-lateral bodies to ensure there is a parliamentary dimension to international cooperation, global governance as well as in the resolution of major international issues.

Key Events

IPU brings together parliamentarians from around the world to actively find solutions to global and regional problems.

You can find a list of Future Events here.

Meeting on Common Principles for Parliamentary Development Organizations

MANILA, 28-29 August 2014


9th Meeting of Women Speakers of Parliament

GENEVA, 4-5 September 2014