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In accordance with the Union's Statutes, this 17-member body oversees the administration of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and provides advice to the Governing Council.

The 15 members of the Executive Committee are elected by the Council for a four-year term. The President of the IPU is an ex officio member and President of the Committee. The President of the Co-ordinating Committee of Women Parliamentarians is an ex officio member of the Executive Committee for a two-year term which can be renewed once. Not less than 12 members of the Executive Committee are elected from among members of the Governing Council and at least three members must be women.

RulesThe Executive Committee advises the Council on matters relating to affiliation and reaffiliation to the Union, fixes the date and place of Council sessions and establishes their provisional agenda. It also proposes to the Council the annual work programme and budget of the Union. The Executive Committee controls the administration of the Secretariat as well as its activities in the execution of the decisions taken by the Assembly and the Council. The Executive Committee works in accordance with its Rules.


Updated on 28 October 2016     
Members Expiry of term
Ex-officio President: Mr. S. Chowdhury (Bangladesh) October 2017
Vice-President of the Executive Committee: Mr. I. Liddell-Grainger (United Kingdom) October 2017
IPU Vice-Presidents: Mr. E. Ethuro (Kenya) October 2019
Mr. A. Jasem Ahmed (United Arab Emirates) April 2017
Mr. K. Kosachev (Russian Federation) October 2019
Mr. A. Lins (Brazil) October 2019
Mr. S. Suzuki (Japan) October 2018
Members: Ms. F. Benbadis (Algeria) October 2018
Mr. R. del Picchia (France) October 2018
Ms. G. Eldegard (Norway) October 2019
Ms. A. Habibou (Niger) March 2019
Mr. K. Jalali (Islamic Republic of Iran) October 2019
Ms. M. Mensah-Williams (Namibia) March 2018
Mr. N. Schrijver (Netherlands) October 2017
Mr.  Nguyen Van Giau (Viet Nam) October 2019
Ms. Y. Ferrer Gómez (Cuba) October 2020
Ms. M.I. Oliveira Valente (Angola) October 2019

* The member of the Executive Committee from this country has ceased to be a parliamentarian. In accordance with Article 25-6 of the Statutes, an election shall be held at the next session of the Governing Council. If the newly elected member is from a different parliament than the outgoing member, he/she will serve a full term. Otherwise, the new member shall complete the term of office of his/her predecessor.


Rules The Sub-committee on Finance was first established by the Executive Committee in October 2011. The Sub-committee acts as an advisory body to the Executive Committee and exercises an independent appraisal function. In accordance with its terms of reference, the Sub-committee is composed of six members of both sexes, one from each geopolitical group, selected from among Executive Committee members, bearing in mind the need to strive for geographical representation and gender balance.

Updated on November 2016     
Expiry of term
Chairperson: Mr. R. del Picchia (France) October 2018
Members: Ms. A. Habibou (Niger) March 2018
Mr. A. Jasem Ahmed (United Arab Emirates) April 2017
Mr. K. Kosachev (Russian Federation) October 2017
Mr. A. Lins (Brazil) March 2018
Mr. S. Suzuki (Japan) April 2017