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Half the world’s population is under 30 and yet only 2.6% of MPs globally represent this age group. The IPU has identified the six ways below to change this. Please take two minutes to pick one or more pledge(s) to make your parliament younger! 

MPs who have pledged YES to more Youth in Parliaments

Duarte Pacheco - President of the IPU
Duarte Pacheco - President of the IPU Portugal
Martin Chungong - Secretary-General of the IPU
Martin Chungong - Secretary-General of the IPU Cameroon
Dyah Roro Esti Widya Putri
Dyah Roro Esti Widya Putri Indonesia
Nagif Hamzayev
Nagif Hamzayev Azerbaijan
Ulrich Lechte
Ulrich Lechte Germany
Dakoa Newman
Dakoa Newman Ghana
Yousef Alfakhri
Yousef Alfakhri Libya
Marius Matijosaitis
Marius Matijosaitis Lithuania
Amadou Maiga
Amadou Maiga Mali
Subhasnee Luchmun Roy
Subhasnee Luchmun Roy Mauritius
Jean Francisco Francois
Jean Francisco Francois Mauritius
Cynthia Lopez Castro
Cynthia Lopez Castro Mexico
Simon Karu
Simon Karu Nigeria
Lorenzo Bugli
Lorenzo Bugli San Marino
Sara Conti
Sara Conti San Marino
Andrej Cernigoj
Andrej Cernigoj Slovenia
Nik Prebil
Nik Prebil Slovenia
Amal Saidi
Amal Saidi Tunisia
Richard Thomson
Richard Thomson United Kingdom
Fouad AlGhaffari
Fouad AlGhaffari Yemen
Vincent Tsvangirai
Vincent Tsvangirai Zimbabwe
Merja Kyllönen
Merja Kyllönen Finland
Sherod Duncan
Sherod Duncan Guyana
Kennedy Kalonzo
Kennedy Kalonzo Kenya
Sara Falaknaz
Sara Falaknaz United Arab Emirates
Ovidio Peralta Suárez
Ovidio Peralta Suárez Mexico
Radu Marian
Radu Marian Moldova
Aung Oo
Aung Oo Myanmar
Michael Faustino Dy
Michael Faustino Dy Philippines
Hon. Audrey Vidot
Hon. Audrey Vidot Seychelles
Vincent Kodzo AmeganviI
Vincent Kodzo AmeganviI Togo
Hon. Tatenda Annastacia Mavetera
Hon. Tatenda Annastacia Mavetera Zimbabwe
Mahamoud Moustapha Daher
Mahamoud Moustapha Daher Djibouti
Ahmed Alaamer
Ahmed Alaamer Bahrain
Emma Theofelus
Emma Theofelus Namibia
Peter Oladeji
Peter Oladeji Nigeria
Saed Abdi Hussein
Saed Abdi Hussein Somalia
Abdullo Aslonov
Abdullo Aslonov Uzbekistan
Dinh Cong Sy
Dinh Cong Sy Vietnam
Mohsen Fathi
Mohsen Fathi Iran
Tony Matinjah
Tony Matinjah Nigeria
Marina Shkrob
Marina Shkrob Belarus
Maseikov Aleksandr Maseikov
Maseikov Aleksandr Maseikov Belarus
Valentina Kursevich
Valentina Kursevich Belarus
Igor Tavtyn
Igor Tavtyn Belarus
Igor Zavalei
Igor Zavalei Belarus
Lyudmila Makarina Kibak
Lyudmila Makarina Kibak Belarus
Pavel Mikhalyuk
Pavel Mikhalyuk Belarus
Svetlana Odintsova
Svetlana Odintsova Belarus
Vladimir Gatsko
Vladimir Gatsko Belarus
Dagmar Lipper
Dagmar Lipper Germany
Olusegun C. A. Taiwo
Olusegun C. A. Taiwo Nigeria
Abdulsalam Mubarak
Abdulsalam Mubarak Nigeria
Maryam Oyesomi
Maryam Oyesomi Nigeria
Stanley Ushi
Stanley Ushi Nigeria
Ali Al Aradi
Ali Al Aradi Bahrain
Hala Fayez
Hala Fayez Bahrain
Juan Graham
Juan Graham Mexico
Akande Yusuf
Akande Yusuf Nigeria
Juliet Sebastine
Juliet Sebastine Nigeria
Muhammad Alfa Muhammad
Muhammad Alfa Muhammad Nigeria
Hon. Musa Sani
Hon. Musa Sani Nigeria
Timothy Wali
Timothy Wali Nigeria
Hon Lorraine Nxumalo
Hon Lorraine Nxumalo Eswatini
Oluwadamilola Gafar
Oluwadamilola Gafar Nigeria
Aleksandr Shipulo
Aleksandr Shipulo Belarus
Emmanuel Mvunabo
Emmanuel Mvunabo Rwanda
Sven Spengemann
Sven Spengemann Canada
Monika Zajkova
Monika Zajkova North Macedonia
Abdulmalik Shaibu
Abdulmalik Shaibu Nigeria

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reshape our societies

With future generations destined to live with the political choices made now, it is only right that they have a seat at the decision-making table. Yet young people are underrepresented in parliaments all across the world.

The IPU asks you to take action to increase the number of young parliamentarians by joining our campaign 'I Say Yes to Youth in Parliament!'.

Why is youth participation so important?

We cannot solve the problems the world faces if the part of the population that is most directly impacted by them is not part of the decision-making process.

Too many countries have barriers that make young men and women feel excluded from politics, but young people have the right to be included in political decision-making.

Their perspectives, ideas, talents and energy are vital to addressing many of the biggest challenges facing the international community.

Now is the time to ensure that parliaments welcome the younger generation.

What can you do?

Parliamentarians lead the drive for truly representative democracy.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union wants you to “Say Yes” to youth participation in parliament and join a network of MPs and other changemakers of all ages advocating for youth representation.

Join the campaign, share your pledges on social media and show you are ready to stand up for youth participation.

Fewer than 1 in 6 Parliaments has a caucus for young MPs.

Individuals aged 20-39 make up 38.6% of the worlds population.
Yet only 17.5% of MPs are under 40.

of chambers of parliament have
NO MPS under 30.

Want to run the I Say Yes! campaign in your parliament?

Download our toolkit to get all resources you need to run your own campaign and encourage youth participation.

   Download toolkit now