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How can parliaments accelerate climate action?

Discover the IPU's climate campaign #Parliaments4thePlanet designed to help parliaments go further and faster on climate action



Hendrik-Jan Talsma, NL News and Stories

A conversation with... Hendrik-Jan Talsma, Netherlands

As part of the IPU series 'A conversation with...', we interview parliamentarians from all over the world to find out who they represent and what motivates them.In this edition, we discover Hendrik-Jan Talsma, a Senator from the Netherlands and the Chair of the IPU's Committee on Middle East Questions.The views and opinions expressed by the parliamentarians are their own and do not necessarily reflect the IPU’s position.

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Say yes to youth in parliament!

Half the world’s population is under 30 and yet less than 3% of MPs globally represent this age group. The IPU has identified the six ways to change this.


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Parliamentary Forum at the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (President & Secretary General)
New York, USA
Jul 16 2024
10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum (President)
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Jul 11 2024
Meeting of the IPU Executive Committee (President & Secretary General)
Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania
Jun 19 2024