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Case studies

Zambia’s Youth Parliamentary Caucus


Zambia Youth Parliamentary Caucus

After signing up to the “I Say Yes to Youth in Parliament!” campaign, the first woman Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, Changemaker Ms. Nelly Mutti, helped establish a groundbreaking new youth body, the ‘Zambia Youth Parliamentary Caucus’ (ZYPC).

Launched in September 2022, the caucus aims to infuse youth perspectives into the work of the National Assembly. During the launch, Speaker Mutti was outspoken on the need to establish such platforms in parliaments so that young people can access and participate in political and decision-making processes. The caucus will allow young parliamentarians to promote and make visible the interests and issues that directly affect them. It will also be a platform to empower young parliamentarians, including through capacity building. The IPU was there to support the launch of the caucus and will continue to do so in its future endeavours.  

This action corresponds to Pledge #3 of the Campaign, to support youth channels in parliament.