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Structure and governance

IPU governance is made up of different bodies with specific mandates and functions. Find out more about these individual entities and how they work through our interactive organigram below. Click here for the composition of the bureaus of the Standing Committees and other IPU bodies. The Statutes and Rules of the IPU are also available here

High-Level Advisory Group on Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism Forum of Women Parliamentarians Bureau of Women Parliamentarians Forum of Young Parliamentarians

In this section
IPU President Tulia Ackson.
Our President is the political head of our institution. He/she directs our activities, chairs full meetings and acts as the IPU representative at global events and gatherings.
Our Assembly, the only global forum of MPs, brings together parliamentarians to drive change on issues on the international agenda.
The Governing Council is our administrative and policy-making body. Its meetings are usually held during our twice-yearly Assemblies.
The Executive Committee oversees our administration and makes recommendations to our Governing Council on various matters.
Martin Chungong, IPU Secretary General © IPU
The Secretary General, as the Chief Executive of the Organisation, manages the IPU and is accountable to the Governing Council. Working with the President, the Secretary General plays a critical role in defining and implementing the IPU’s strategic direction under the supervision of the Executive Committee.
The Secretariat is at the heart of our organization, and carries out our daily work to promote and strengthen democracy across the world.
The ASGP brings together Secretaries General and other senior office holders in charge of parliamentary services.