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Paraguay says ¡Yo Digo Sí!

Patrick Kemper, Member of the IPU Board of Young MPs

The Parliament of Paraguay recently launched ‘Yo digo sí a la juventud en el parlamento’, the Spanish language version of the IPU’s worldwide campaign ‘I Say Yes to Youth in Parliament!

Supported by Blas Llano, the Speaker of the Senate, Senator Patrick Kemper and the IPU Board of the Forum of Young MPs, the Paraguayan initiative is designed to make the campaign more accessible to all Spanish-speaking countries.

The two parliamentarians have also presented a bill to bring down the age of eligibility for candidates for municipal and mayoral elections from 25 to 18 years old.

In the Parliament of Paraguay, 15 per cent of members of the upper house and 50 per cent of members of the lower house are under 45 years old.

Find out more in this video.