Our work

Our work

We work to promote, protect and strengthen democracy around the world. We feel strongly about building fair and inclusive societies, where all groups play a full part in the democratic process. We are committed to making real and positive change to people's lives by building strong national parliaments that can deliver on issues like health, sustainable development, peace and security.

We equip MPs and parliaments to drive this change, building on the expertise of our Members, delivering practical help and resources, encouraging dialogue and bringing together MPs from across the world. We engage with democracy at every level—from influencing global policies to supporting the marginalized. All our work aims to strengthen the basic tenets of democracy—human rights, equality and the rule of law—the values set out in our landmark Universal Declaration on Democracy—for improved lives of citizens.

The foundation for all we do is dialogue and democracy—in line with the core beliefs of our founders. We will be expanding and developing our work to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

We aim to realize a vision of parliaments that are fully representative, transparent, accessible, accountable and effective. We take concrete steps to strengthen parliaments as institutions and support MPs and staff in their work.
We are working for a world where women live in equality and justice, where their rights are respected and their lives are no longer blighted by violence and discrimination.
Human rights are essential to democracy and development. One of our key roles is protecting the rights of ordinary citizens and those representing them in parliament.
We believe that growth should go together with improved quality of life for all, respect for the environment’s regenerative capacities and more inclusive decision-making processes.
Throughout our history we have worked tirelessly to promote peace and stability through dialogue and negotiation. Today we help parliaments deal with threats such as terrorism, cyber warfare and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
We are committed to increasing parliaments’ role in global affairs, helping overcome the democratic deficit in international relations, and ensure international commitments are translated into national realities.
We encourage youth participation in parliaments by supporting parliaments in facilitating the access of youth to political decision-making, empowering young MPs and young people in general, and including a youth perspective in legislation and policies.
Read the IPU Strategy 2017-2021

The IPU Strategy 2017-2021, drafted under the guidance of IPU Member Parliaments, sets the vision, mission and objectives of the organization. It outlines the actions that need to be taken by the IPU community to achieve its agenda and the two overarching goals of building strong, democratic parliaments and mobilizing them around the global development agenda.

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