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Strategic partnerships

The IPU, as the global organization of national parliaments, helps bridge the gap between international commitments and their national implementation.

As a result, the IPU has a number of strategic partnerships with other multilateral organizations, notably the United Nations. The IPU has had Permanent Observer Status with the UN since 2002.

Through its offices in Geneva, New York and Vienna, the IPU works closely with most of the UN bodies and agencies, especially in the areas of climate action, democracy, human rights, gender equality, youth participation, peace and security and the sustainable development goals. 

The IPU brings a parliamentary voice to UN mechanisms or treaties such as the Paris Agreement on climate, the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, the Human Rights Council or the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

The IPU helps to makes sure that the work of the UN is informed by the views of parliamentarians, as representatives of the people. It also helps parliaments translate UN processes or treaties into action - through laws, budgets and oversight of government commitments.

As well as the United Nations, the IPU works with other multilateral partners by, for example, organizing parliamentary meetings during major global events such as the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference or the G20.

The IPU Committee on UN Affairs facilitates greater understanding of UN processes and work, and brings the voice of parliamentarians to UN policy makers.

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IPU works with the United Nations and other specialized agencies in implementing common policy objectives. Photo: © UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
Through its offices in Geneva, New York and Vienna, the IPU partners with most of the UN bodies and specialized agencies in implementing common policy objectives. The partnerships focus on a wide range of areas, especially climate action, human rights
Since 2002, when the IPU became a Permanent Observer to the United Nations, IPU representatives have regularly addressed sessions of the UN General Assembly and its subsidiary organs, as well as major United Nations conferences and high-level events. Every two years, the UN Secretary-General issues a Report and the UN General Assembly adopts a Resolution on interaction between the UN
The Hearings provide parliamentary input into the work of the United Nations. Photo: © Joel S Photo/ IPU
IPU organizes an annual parliamentary hearing during the General Assembly that brings together MPs and United Nations officials, representatives of the UN diplomatic community, scholars and leading academics.
World trade policies affect billions of people across the planet. Photo: © IITA/ CCBY
The Parliamentary Conference on WTO aims to enhance parliamentarians’ understanding of the organization and to promote common parliamentary action on international trade.
2019 G20 Speakers' Summit
G20 Speakers’ Summits (P20) aim to bring a parliamentary dimension to global governance, raise awareness, build political support for international commitments, and ensure that these are effectively translated into national realities.