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IPU Innovation Tracker

A quarterly electronic bulletin from the Centre for Innovation in Parliament

Welcome to the Innovation Tracker!

The Innovation Tracker is a blog about recent innovations in the way parliaments do their work. It is where MPs and staff find ideas for solving some of the problems they face in running an effective parliament. It covers all types of innovation in parliament, including (but not limited to) digital technologies.
The Innovation Tracker also provides regular news from the Centre for Innovation in Parliament, a partnership between the IPU and parliaments to support parliamentary innovation through improved use of digital tools.

All parliaments are invited to contribute ideas for inclusion in the Innovation Tracker via this online form or by e-mail to [email protected]. The Innovation Tracker is published online every three months in English, French and Spanish.

We’ll also be tweeting regularly about innovation in parliament using the hashtags #parliament #innovation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

The Spanish versions of the Innovation Tracker are published on the website of the Hispanophone Hub ( which is hosted by the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, in the framework of CIP. Translations are kindly provided by IPU GRULAC. 

Latest issues
In this issue, we report on developments within the Centre for Innovation in Parliament and its hubs, including: a new Issue brief on Using generative AI in parliaments, an initiative by the Parliamentary Data Science hub to co-create guidelines on AI governance, and a new chapter in the history of the Southern Africa regional hub.
In this special edition of the Innovation Tracker we look at the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in parliaments, and how the technology can transform a wide variety of settings, including parliaments. We hear from three experts leading parliamentary work on AI, and look at two case studies of AI at work in parliaments.
In this edition we look at two aspects of digital transformation in parliaments. Firstly, the all-digital chamber and the potential positive impacts on delivering services to members, achieving increased openness and a greener working environment. Second, we look at the considerations that parliaments have for adopting the cloud (or not).
In this edition we look at the highlights of the discussions during the launch of the World e-Parliament Report. We look at how the Chamber of Deputies of Italy and the Parliament of Malawi digitally transform parliamentary processes and work, and announce the 3rd edition of the Transforming Parliaments webinar series.
In this edition of the Innovation Tracker, we look at the current state of open data in parliaments, and how parliaments can provide better open data. We have updates from our Public Engagement, Open Data, IT Governance, and Southern Africa regional hub, and an announcement on the launch of the World e-Parliament Report 2022.
The 12th edition of the Innovation Tracker explores how the Chilean Chamber of Deputies is engaging with the public, as well as how the parliaments of Bahrain and Italy are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) tools in their work. Also in this issue, we present updates on recent hub activities and events.
The 11th edition of the Innovation Tracker highlights the continued knowledge exchanges on innovation over the past months, as parliaments emerge from the pandemic.
The tenth edition of the Innovation Tracker spotlights how new tools for remote working in the National Assembly of Zambia have inspired other parliaments in the region. Other articles focus on Automatic Speech Recognition and digital broadcasting and a new webinar series titled "Transforming parliament".
This ninth edition of the Innovation Tracker features highlights from the virtual World e-Parliament Conference 2021 which was held in June 2021. It also includes the IPU's new World e-Parliament Report and showcases parliamentary video innovations from around the world.©
This eighth edition of the Innovation Tracker investigates how innovation becomes established in parliamentary development and planning through the case study of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina. We also report on the Parliamentary Roundtable at the virtual Internet Governance Forum 2020, and present the new IPU Social Media Guide for Parliaments and Parliamentarians. There are updates from the CIP
Welcome to the seventh edition of the Innovation Tracker. We look at how parliaments have adapted their functioning during the pandemic with a focus on the parliaments of Bahrain, Chile and Fiji, as well as some Pacific countries. We also cover the historic remote voting at the recent IPU Governing Council, when 394 parliamentarians from 142 countries voted for the new IPU President.
Welcome to the sixth edition of the Innovation Tracker. We look at how parliaments have had to adapt their way of functioning to preserve the systems of parliamentary democracy, with a focus on the parliaments of Brazil, Ukraine and Ecuador. We also have updates from the Open Data, Pacific, Southern African and Hispanophone hubs.