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Building effective and empowered parliaments

Democracy needs strong parliaments and parliamentarians that are able to effectively exercise their mandates, represent the people and defend their human rights and interests, make decisions based on independent and credible information, and scrutinize government action.

How does the IPU support effective and empowered parliaments?

The IPU works to ensure that MPs are able to work freely and safely despite the threats they may face. The IPU will defend any MP who is in danger through the IPU Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians.

The IPU helps parliaments build their capacity by, for example, facilitating exchanges between different countries, organizing workshops and providing technical support using the Common Principles for Support to Parliament.

The IPU often works in countries emerging from conflict or crisis to help peace and security efforts which are essential for development. The IPU supports parliaments to take national action on climate change and the SDGs. 

The IPU also leverages its rich collection of data, expertise, publications and research to set standards to empower parliaments.