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Catalysing collective parliamentary action

A key strength of the IPU since its foundation has been its ability to connect parliaments and parliamentarians to each other and serve as the focal point for worldwide parliamentary dialogue and political mobilization, working closely with the United Nations and other partners.

How does the IPU catalyse collective parliamentary action?

Every year, the IPU holds dozens of regional and global events on different policy areas, which bring together thousands of parliamentarians, especially at its flagship twice-yearly Assemblies.

Every five years, the IPU also organizes the World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, which mobilizes the highest level of parliamentary representation to take action on the most pressing international issues.

This unique global convening power allows the IPU to bridge the gap between international commitments and their national implementation.

It does this by bringing a parliamentary voice to United Nations processes or treaties such as the Paris Agreement on climate, the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development or the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

As well as the United Nations, the IPU works with other partners and organizes parliamentary meetings during major global events such as the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference or the G20.