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2022 Annual Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations


New York,
United States


Building political support and inclusive responses to sustainable recovery

The 2022 Parliamentary Hearing, a joint initiative of the IPU and the Office of the President of the General Assembly, will amplify the global conversation at the United Nations and in capitals around the world about sustainable development in the face of the on-going pandemic.

Much has been said over the past two years about the damage that the Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted on sustainable development efforts. Yet even before the pandemic, it was clear that the larger vision of sustainable development as the synthesis of economic, social and environmental concerns, was not being realized. The most evident sign of this was the steady rise of income and wealth inequality with deep roots in pre-pandemic times.

This year’s Parliamentary Hearing will drive home to governments, parliaments and the United Nations community a critical perspective on key actions to build economies that work for all, societies that bring people together, and environments that are sustainable for generations to come. Advancing gender equality will permeate the two-day discussion.

Finally, the hearing will serve as a reflection on the UN Secretary General’s report on Our Common Agenda.

For further information, including Covid-19 mitigation measures, please consult the documents on this page or write to [email protected]


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