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Parliamentary Roundtable at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)


Building Trust in a time of COVID-19 response and Post-COVID-19 Recovery
17:00-18:30 UTC

Parliamentarians are among various important stakeholder groups that participate at the annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), in policy dialogue on data, inclusion, security and other areas related to Internet governance. In November 2019, at the 14th meeting of IGF, the first-ever parliamentary session was convened as part of the main programme, and a key outcome was delivered as the Jimmy Schulz Call: Messages from the parliamentarians.  It is expected that that similar parliamentary sessions will be organized and integrated into the main programmes of future IGFs, at the same time promoting continuity and linkages between the annual meetings of IGF and with other global, regional and national legislative bodies.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IGF 2020 annual meeting, will be hosted online by the United Nations. It will take place over two phases – with pre-events (phase 1) from 2-6 November and final phase over seven days from 9 to 17 November.  The IGF meeting will be preceded by community-led pre-events, known as the traditional ‘Day Zero’ of the IGF, as well as the MAG-led preparatory webinars on the meeting’s four main themes - (1) Data; (2) Environment; (3) Inclusion; and (4) Trust. 

The focus of the Parliamentary Roundtable will be on building trust in the age of COVID-19 response and post-COVID-19 recovery. The session aims to help bring the outcomes of IGF 2020 to global and regional parliamentary organizations as well as national legislative bodies for concrete action and follow-up.

The Roundtable will take place on the IGF’s Zoom platform. A link will be provided to registered participants. Interpretation will be available in the six UN languages.

Co-organizers: Inter-Parliamentary Union and UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)

Registration: To register a delegation, please go to Members of parliament should select "Government" as their stakeholder group and tick the check-box ‘’Please check if you are a member of regional, national or supranational Parliament’’ to identify as legislators.


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