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East African hub


This hub is part of the Centre for Innovation in Parliament.

The regional hubs promote the effective use of technology in parliaments by sharing and consolidating information on past, ongoing and future ICT initiatives at regional level, and through the CIP secretariat at global level. Membership: any parliament within the East African region.


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As part of the World e-Parliament Conference 2021, new videos are available for some of our regional innovation hubs.

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East Africa secretaries general meeting

East African hub

The Parliament of Kenya established a regional office to coordinate the East African Hub activities. As part of the activities, it is also trialing a voice and video IP connection solution, to allow cost effective communication between Hub members.

The Hub convened the secretaries general of parliaments at the 141st IPU Assembly in Belgrade to discuss, among others, the first East African Hub regional meeting on promoting innovations within regional parliaments and beyond. During the meeting, the Parliament of Kenya shared information and material about its eParlKenya app as a paperless solution. At the East Africa secretaries general meeting, held from 5 to 10 December 2019 in Uganda, a resolution was adopted endorsing further inter-parliamentary cooperation in the context of the Hub.

East African hub

Regional office established

East African hub

The Parliament of Kenya has established its regional office space to coordinate the East African Hub activities. As part of this, it is also trialling voice-over & video IP connection solutions, to allow for cost effective communication between hub members. The hub is preparing to convene the Secretaries-General of parliaments at the upcoming IPU Assembly in Belgrade, to discuss among others the envisaged First East African Hub Regional Meeting. On promoting innovations, the Parliament of Kenya shared with others information and material about its aParlKenya app for paperless proceedings. Finally, the hub provided feedback on the status of social media use to CIP for its preparation of the Social Media Guide.

East African hub

Inaugural meeting of the East African hub

East African hub

Following the conclusion of the MoU with the IPU at the 140th Assembly, the Parliament of Kenya, as host of the East Africa Regional Hub organized an inaugural meeting of ICT Officers, Legal Officers and Clerks of Member Parliaments of the East Africa region (see photo) from 23 to 25 May in Nairobi. At the end of three days, hub participants from Kenya and Uganda agreed on the terms of reference, work plan and budget for the hub.

Under its terms of reference, the group agreed to meet virtually on a regular basis or when ad hoc needs arise, and to meet once a year face-to-face to review the hub’s activities. The hub further agreed to invite other parliaments to join the hub. A regional office in the Kenyan Parliament was established to coordinate the hub’s activities.


Image: Inaugural meeting of the East Africa Hub, Parliament of Kenya, Nairobi, 23-25 May 2019.© Parliament of Kenya

East African hub

MoU signed for an East African hub

East African hub

The Parliament of Kenya has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the IPU to host a hub for parliaments in the East Africa region. Discussions are underway on the organization of this hub and its potential activities. These include developing an inventory of ICT solutions shared between parliaments in the region. Further discussions with parliaments are scheduled during the IPU Assembly in Doha in April 2019.

East African hub