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IPU welcomes groundbreaking development in Mongolian MP's assassination case

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The IPU notes with satisfaction the groundbreaking decision of the Mongolian government to make publicly available records related to the investigation into the 1998 assassination of Zorig Sanjasuuren, an MP and pro-democracy leader.

The decision to declassify the majority of the judicial records and evidence was taken as a result of recent actions by the IPU’s Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians, and a request from the newly appointed Minister of Justice, Mr. Ts Nyamdorj.

According to Mongolian law, the final decision on publishing the records is with the country’s Supreme Court. The IPU calls upon the Supreme Court to swiftly confirm the declassification decision and to make all declassified records available to the Mongolian people.

In order to ensure that justice is done in a fair, just and transparent manner in the Zorig case, the IPU reiterates its call for a public retrial, in the presence of domestic and international observers, of the three persons convicted earlier this year for the assassination.

Following a fact-finding mission to Mongolia in September, the IPU confirmed concerns that the trial and conviction of three individuals for the assassination of Sanjasuuren violated international fair-trial standards and further undermined the legitimacy and integrity of the investigation and judicial process.

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