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Statement on Yemen by IPU Committee on Middle East Questions


The IPU Committee on Middle East Questions expresses its strong concerns over the recent escalations in the brutal conflict in Yemen, causing what has become known as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The Committee strongly condemns the violations of UN Security Council Resolutions regarding Yemen, especially as regards the embargo on arms sales to parties to the conflict, and asks the parliaments of relevant countries to conduct oversight of their governments in the implementation of such resolutions.

The Committee is disturbed by the increasing levels of famine in Yemen, adding higher levels of tragedy to this grave crisis, and thus calls upon the members of the global parliamentary community to assume their role in saving Yemeni lives.

The IPU Committee on Middle East Questions is made up of 12 Members of Parliament from around the world with expertise in the Middle East. Its members are elected by the IPU Governing Council for four years. Israel and Palestine are ex-officio members of the Committee.