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IPU's Petition for Stronger Democracies

The IPU has launched an international petition in defence of democracy. Sign the petition and make your voice heard! 

Posters for the International Day of Democracy 2017

IDD 2017 poster with links to the IPU petition for stronger democracies. 

English   French   Spanish   Arabic

Posters of the Universal Declaration on Democracy 

Poster with the full text of the Declaration.

English   French   Spanish   Arabic

Exhibition for the IDD/UDD anniversaries

The posters for our exhibition are available to download in low resolution files.

Poster 1: Introduction Poster 5: Accountability Poster 9: Youth
Poster 2: Universal Declaration on Democracy Poster 6: People's Expectations Poster 10: Democracy 2030
Poster 3: Strong Parliaments Poster 7: Dialogue and Inclusiveness Poster 11: Stronger Democracies
Poster 4: Tolerance  Poster 8: Voice  

If you would like high resolution files, please write to us at


MPs, the IPU President and Secretary General gave their insights on democracy: what it means to them, why it is important and how it can be strengthened.

These short videos will be posted as they are made available. Please view and share them. If you would like to view these videos with Spanish or Arabic subtitles, please visit IPU's YouTube channel.