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Regional Seminar on Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for the IPU’s Twelve Plus Geopolitical Group




The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the principal starting point in attaining a sustainable and better quality environment where citizens can develop and realize their potential fully. The IPU Member Parliaments are committed to improving and furthering mechanisms to reach these goals by leveraging their legislative, oversight, budgetary appropriation, and representation functions. The IPU is supporting these efforts by providing a platform to facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices among parliaments. To this purpose, seminars to promote SDGs implementation have been organized in all regions.

This will be the second seminar for the IPU’s Twelve Plus Geopolitical Group, following a first seminar held in Israel in 2018. It will aim to further define the opportunities and challenges facing parliaments of the Group in implementing the SDGs, with special emphasis on heightening understanding about how parliaments can institutionalize the SDGs, promote convergence between the 2030 Agenda and national action plans and build coherence around the SDGs at the policy level.