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Member events for International Day of Parliamentarism in 2024

Join us in celebrating International Day of Parliamentarism and the IPU’s 135th anniversary on or around Sunday 30 June 2024!

The IPU was founded on 30 June 1889 by a small group of parliamentarians who believed that parliamentary dialogue and diplomacy were a better way of settling differences than war.

135 years later, the IPU is the parliament of parliaments, a thriving international organization made up of 180 national parliaments and open to all 46,000 parliamentarians in the world.

This year, with a world at war, the IPU’s foundational values have never been so relevant. That’s why we are asking you to mark this milestone in
your parliament.

Three things you can do to celebrate the day: 

Useful links:

Let us know what you planned on or around 30 June 2024 so that we may amplify your efforts in our communications to the global parliamentary family. Your feedback can be sent to [email protected] .

This page will list the information that we have received about parliamentary events.

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On 11 June, the Shura Council of Qatar organized a seminar on the occasion of the International Day of Parliamentarism. The seminar highlighted the role of parliamentary diplomacy in strengthening relations between countries, addressing global crises and challenges, and promoting peace and understanding among peoples.