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Member events for International Day of Parliamentarism in 2022

Parliaments all over the world are celebrating the International Day of Parliamentarism and the IPU's anniversary!

To mark 30 June this year we are focusing on citizen engagement and public participation in the work of parliaments around the world.

Discover the YouTube playlist of Member events around the world.

This page lists the information that we have received to date about parliamentary events.

If your parliament is organizing an event or doing anything special for International Day of Parliamentarism 2022, please let us know by writing to [email protected].

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The Parliament of Austria acknowledged 30 June and the IPU's birthday with a message from the President of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka, emphasizing that parliaments must remain a place of dialogue and the central pillars of democracy.



To celebrate International Day of Parliamentarianism, MPs and staff members from both chambers shared videos under the theme of “Public Engagement” (in Arabic, English and French), featuring some parliamentarians and staff members of Bahrain’s parliament.

A virtual event was held under the patronage of both speakers who made statements to commemorate the day.



The Speaker of the Parliament of Fiji, the Hon. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau released a message commemorating 30 June and committing to increase public engagement activities to empower all Fijians and build trust and confidence in the Fijian Parliament.



The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Parliament of Guyana, Hon. Manzoor Nadir, delivered a message to commemorate 30 June 2022. The Speaker extended congratulations to all national Parliaments of the world for continuing their efforts to serve their people in difficult times of the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 



The Parliament of India observed World Parliament Day with a Video Message from H.E. Om Birla, Speaker, Lok Sabha, extending greetings for the occasion and expressing his views on the theme of the International Day of Parliamentarism. 


In celebration of the International Day of Parliamentarism on 30 June, the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia published short video reels about parliament, its history and its significance.


Lao People's Democratic Republic

Along with UNDP, members and staff of the National Assembly of Lao PDR celebrated 30 June and the IPU's 133rd birthday by acknowledging that strong parliaments are a vital element – the key element – in developing the right laws, policies and budgets that enable countries to respond to and navigate crises effectively. IPU Secretary General Martin Chungong addressed the MPs and participants.


The International Day of Parliamentarism was celebrated in Latvia on May 26. An event was dedicated to the centenary of the Saeima (Parliament of Latvia) and conveyed a symbolic message about Latvia's greatest values — freedom, independence, and democracy.

Ms. Ināra Mūrniece, Speaker of the Saeima, opened the event. It was attended by the Presidium and MPs of the Saeima, as well as Inese Ebele, Director of the Institute of Horticulture, and Sarmīte Strautiņa, Head Researcher at the Institute and the creator of the lilac flower dedicated to the centenary of the Saeima.


New Zealand

The Parliament of New Zealand celebrated the International Day of Parliamentarism and embraced the theme of citizen engagement by encouraging citizens to get more involved with the work of parliament.


The National Assembly of the Republic of Nicaragua held a dialogue and prepared an explanatory video on the special occasion of the International Day of Parliamentarism and the 133rd Anniversary of the Interparliamentary Union.



The Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan and former Prime Minister, Raja Pervez Ashraf, congratulated the IPU on its 133rd birthday and applauded the Organization's role in strengthening democracy and parliamentary dialogue.



For 30 June, the Shura Council participated along with parliaments around the world in celebration of International Parliamentary Action, in which parliaments and legislatures around the world express the will of the people, protecting human rights and the rule of law. 


Russian Federation

Ms. Valentina Matvienko, Speaker of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, offered her greetings commemorating the International Day of Parliamentarism for 2022.


The Parliament of Rwanda hosted a talk show on Rwanda TV on "public engagement" to commemorate 30 June 2022.



Swiss MP, Laurent Wehrli, released a video message commemorating 30 June and World Parliament Day, emphasizing the importance of public engagement.



To commemorate the International Day of Parliamentarism and long established partnerships with the IPU, on 30 June 2022, UNDP and the Thai Parliament held a hybrid event on Enhancing Public Engagement in the Work of the Thai Parliament”. The event was an opportunity to discuss the importance of meaningful public engagement by parliament and to stimulate the progress and development of a future public engagement strategy of the Thai Parliament. At the event, the parliamentary community engaged with two population groups at risk of being left behind, namely LGBTI and ethnic minority groups.


United Kingdom

The head of the British Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, MP Harriett Baldwin, addressed the National Assembly of South Korea for 30 June 2022. She emphasized that public engagement remains key to parliaments.


The Parliament of Uruguay celebrated the anniversary at an event at the Legislative Palace with the President of the Senate, Ms. Beatriz Argimón; the President of the House of Representatives, Mr. Ope Pasquet, and the President of the IPU, Duarte Pacheco. 

The Parliament also hosted two IPU meetings this week - the IPU Executive Committee and a Regional seminar on climate change for parliaments of Latin America and the Caribbean. 



Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union issued a statement on the occasion of International Day of Parliamentarianism 2022. The statement emphasizes the importance of continued close dialogue and cooperation between the IPU and national parliaments, to ensure coherence and harmonization between national and international programmes. The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union reiterated its unwavering aspiration and steady drive to apply the best policies that benefit people, particularly the poorest and most disadvantaged.

Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum

The Secretary-General of the SADC-PF released a statement to commemorate 30 June 2022, celebrating parliamentarism in all its forms, including through national, regional or local parliaments in Southern Africa. The statement recognized that parliamentarism at all levels is the embodiment of a functioning democracy which is grounded in the rule of law and respect for human rights. 

United Nations

The United Nations published a statement to celebrate International Day of Parliamentarism on June 30. Member States have encouraged the growing involvement of parliamentarians and parliamentary organizations in the work of the United Nations. Parliamentary organizations play a leading role in promoting the engagement of parliaments in United Nations processes and activities.