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IPU helps Zambia Parliament develop new database ahead of SDGs

The programme is helping equip parliamentary staff to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals. Picture courtesy of Zambian Parliament.

IPU has deployed a mission to help the Parliament of Zambia develop an electronic database or e-repository to store and share information on behalf of the country's National Assembly. It is part of IPU's undertaking to guide the world's parliaments towards being fully prepared with appropriate systems making them fit to implement the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A series of workshops organized by the IPU took place in Lusaka in mid-June, bringing staff from different departments of the Assembly together to focus on the design of the new system as well as tackling technical issues and building on work already under way.  The aim was to assist in the design of the new system, recommend how it might best be integrated into existing systems and to provide staff with sufficient grounding for them to continue training others.  Following the five-day mission a roadmap was also produced setting out the next steps for the National Assembly to further development of the database.