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Engaging parliamentary staff in the work of the IPU

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Every year, we hold an information seminar for senior parliamentary staff who serve as Secretaries of IPU Groups within Member Parliaments or are otherwise actively engaged in inter-parliamentary work. The seminar aims to provide the staff with an in-depth knowledge of the IPU, its functioning and main activities. It facilitates their work in assisting their parliaments on all matters relating to the IPU and inter-parliamentary cooperation.

The seminar took place from 16 to 19 May at the IPU headquarters in Geneva. Parliamentary staff from a total of 27 countries attended. Sessions included an overview of the IPU’s history and key developments, the Organization’s main bodies and areas of work, the communications strategy and the presentation of the budget. Participants engaged in inter-active discussions on ways to enhance political dialogue, follow up on global parliamentary commitments, and generally strengthen the work of the IPU.