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Djibouti MPs join in celebrations for IPU’s 130th

Speaker of the Parliament of Djibouti, Mohamed Ali Houmed

Speaker of the Parliament of Djibouti, Mohamed Ali Houmed. © National Assembly of Djibouti

The Speaker of Djibouti’s National Assembly, Mohamed Ali Houmed, opened an extraordinary session of the Parliament with a speech to mark the IPU’s 130th anniversary. The Prime Minister, Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, was in the audience. The Parliament also helped raise awareness of the IPU and the anniversary by sending out the link to the video produced for the anniversary to all the MPs.

Djibouti became a member of the IPU in 1981. Since 2017, the IPU has been working closely with the Djiboutian Parliament to help it improve its legislative, representative and oversight functions. The electoral law was amended in January 2018 to require women to hold 25 per cent of the seats. As a result, the number of women MPs more than doubled, rising from 11 per cent to 26 per cent.

Watch Speaker Mohamed Ali Houmed's speech (in French)

The IPU’s 130th anniversary took place on 30 June 2019, on the International Day of Parliamentarism.