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Transforming Parliaments: Digital transformation leadership & governance


14:30-16:00 (Geneva, CET)

Digital transformation means applying new digital-based tools and technologies to parliamentary processes and culture. It describes a journey of innovation, modernization and renewal. While every parliament starts from a different place, moves forward at its own pace and travels as far as it feels able, all parliaments can learn from each other’s experiences.

In this webinar, we will discuss how strong leadership and good governance are vital to successful digital transformation. Bringing together Secretaries General and IT Directors, the webinar will take the form of two round tables, with questions and interaction with the audience.

This event marks the launch of the IPU-ASGP Guide to digital transformation in parliaments, which is aimed at Secretaries General and senior parliamentary staff tasked with the design, implementation and monitoring of digital transformation programmes in parliaments.

Interpretation: English, French, Spanish


Round table 1: Secretaries General

This session will discuss the role senior leaders can play to support digital transformation. Secretaries General will discuss how parliaments can build a culture that supports modernization, transformation and innovation, and how process change drives technology adoption. There are many challenges and risks within a digital transformation project, as well as rapidly changing technology and, unique to parliaments, the potential impact of political change on a long-term project. The panel will talk about how leadership, effective communication and having the right people in place helps parliaments to manage risk and achieve better outcomes.


  • Ragna Árnadóttir, Secretary General, Althingi, Iceland
  • Remco Nehmelman, Secretary General, Senate, Netherlands
  • Clement Nyandiere, Director General, Parliament, Kenya
  • Moderator: Andy Williamson (Senior researcher, IPU’s Centre for Innovation in Parliament)

Round table 2: IT Directors

The second session, made up of IT directors in parliaments, will discuss why a digital transformation strategy is important and the changes a more traditional IT organization has to make to start working more strategically. It will look at how digital transformation supports parliaments to be forward looking, innovative and supportive of the needs of users, while also addressing challenges such as resourcing, the adoption of new technologies and the way in which the IT department must learn to function more closely with the business of parliament.


  • Ciaran Doyle, Head of Infrastructure, Innovation and Cybersecurity, Oireachtas, Ireland
  • Ines Kerle, Head of the division for administrative innovation, Parliament, Austria
  • Esteban Sanchez, Head of IT Systems Department, Chamber of Deputies, Chile
  • Moderator: Soufiane Ben Moussa (former Chief Information Officer, House of Commons, Canada)


This webinar is organised by the IPU Centre for Innovation in Parliament, and part of the 2023 Transforming Parliament webinar series. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] 



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