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IPU urges Venezuelan authorities to reconsider 30 July vote in bid to avoid further violence and bloodshed

 Members of the Opposition (or La Resistencia) in Caracas, Venezuela clash with security forces as they attempt to march to the Supreme Court on July 22, 2017

Members of the Opposition clash with security forces. ©Efron Diaz

Both the President and the Secretary General of the IPU have expressed serious concern about the continuing violence and bloodshed in Venezuela. The situation has further escalated in recent days as Venezuelan President Maduro has decided to go ahead with the vote on 30 July to elect a Constituent Assembly to redraft the country’s Constitution.

In the interest of peace, the IPU calls on the authorities to reconsider the 30 July vote. "As the country is increasingly falling apart, the vote on Sunday can only further damage the prospects of finding a peaceful solution to the current crisis,” said IPU President Saber Chowdhury.   

MPs have been increasingly targeted and have not been allowed to carry out their functions, a situation that is inadmissible. No effort should be spared in finding a peaceful solution.

"We regret that the Venezuelan Government has not seen it fit to take up the IPU’s offer of mediation,” said Martin Chungong. “The IPU’s offer nevertheless is still available in a bid to help resolve the crisis with the cooperation of all sides.”