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Rice farming in Madagascar. © Africa Renewal

Sustainable development

We support parliaments in implementing the SDGs with a particular focus on health and climate change.
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With only a few years left to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mobilizing parliaments around the global development agenda is becoming increasingly urgent. Parliament’s legislative, oversight and budget responsibilities make it a key player in, for example, reducing social and economic inequalities, improving the health of the people it represents and taking action to save the planet from the climate emergency.  

Through our increasingly popular regional seminars, workshops and meetings on the SDGs, we help MPs exchange with peers, acquire up-to-date information and take action to advance the development agenda at home and internationally.

Our self-assessment SDG toolkit, produced with the United Nations Development Programme and translated into a dozen languages, is also proving very successful. The toolkit helps parliamentarians identify good practices, opportunities and lessons learned on how to institutionalize and mainstream the SDGs into the legislative process.

IPU Members also have a dedicated Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade  that meets at every Assembly.

Regional seminars on achieving the SDGs
Number of parliaments that have attended regional seminars on the SDGs
National seminars on the SDGs
Number of participants who have attended national workshops on SDGs
Sustainable development
Photo: © Lollie-Pop (CC-BY)
Our role is to help parliaments achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and helping them prepare for its implementation.
We focus on cutting childhood death rates, improving the health of women and adolescents, and boosting HIV/AIDS care—all areas targeted in for action in the Sustainable Development Goals.
Climate change and natural disasters exacerbate existing threats to development, peace and security. Photo © Africa Renewal/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Climate change and natural disasters present a potentially irreversible threat to humanity and the planet. They exacerbate existing threats to development, peace and security at all levels, and require an urgent, collective and coordinated response.
Latest news and stories on sustainable development
News in brief

Promoting sustainable development in the Sahel

The Sahel could potentially be one of the richest regions in the world if a comprehensive and multidimensional framework like those offered by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be implemented. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Sahel
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News in brief
nutrition handbook

New handbook for parliamentarians on Food Systems and Nutrition

One in three people globally suffers from at least one form of malnutrition, and the economic loss attributable to bad nutrition is estimated at US$ 3.5 trillion per year. Recent research on the worldwide burden of disease found that a
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Fadli Zon

A conversation with...Fadli Zon, MP, Indonesia

As part of a new IPU series called 'A conversation with...', we interview parliamentarians from all over the world to find out who they represent and what motivates them. In this edition, we discover Fadli Zon, a parliamentarian from Indonesia
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Issa Mardo

A conversation with...Issa Mardo Djabir, MP, Chad

As part of a new IPU series called 'A conversation with...', we interview parliamentarians from all over the world to find out who they represent and what motivates them. In this edition, we discover Issa Mardo Djabir, a Member of
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News in brief

Six ways MPs can support a green recovery from COVID-19

The unfolding tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic also offers parliaments a unique chance to address climate change while rebuilding and reimagining national economies. A new IPU policy note, Green approaches to COVID-19 recovery: Policy note for parliamentarians, published in partnership
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Sustainable development
Latest publications on sustainable development
Our vision for this IPU/FAO handbook is to provide parliamentarians with practical guidance to support legislative processes that prioritize nutrition.
This policy note, published with the United Nations Environmental Programme, sets out some of key approaches to help parliamentarians promote a sustainable and green recovery after the coronavirus pandemic. How to build more resilient economies, how to meet international commitments
The Guidelines seek to provide parliaments and parliamentarians and those who work with them with a common understanding of development cooperation and offer ideas on what they can do to promote more effective and accountable use of aid in particular
Sustainable development
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Sustainable development