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Strengthening the IPU’s accountability

Transparency, democracy and accountability are key organizational values and critical factors in ensuring that the IPU achieves its strategic objectives.

How does the IPU strengthen its accountability?

The IPU nurtures a culture of mutual accountability on all levels – for and between its Member Parliaments, between Member Parliaments and the IPU Secretariat, and within the Secretariat itself through its offices in Geneva, New York and Vienna.

The IPU is also pursuing its digital transformation, making better use of technology to reach Members who cannot necessarily travel while also accelerating its efforts to become a greener organization and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

The IPU continues to lead the way in terms of gender sensitivity by implementing its Gender Mainstreaming Strategy and working towards targets identified for effective gender mainstreaming and achieving gender parity within the Organization.

The IPU's Working Group on Transparency, Accountability and Openness oversees the implementation of measures to make the IPU more transparent. 


Annual Reporting– Parliamentary action in follow-up to IPU resolutions and other decisions

The impact of the IPU depends greatly on how Member Parliaments follow up on the outcomes of Assemblies and other IPU activities and share details on results accomplished.

Each year, a selected number of parliaments are designated to answer a survey and report on actions taken to implement IPU resolutions and outcomes. We also very much welcome voluntary contributions from other Members.

In 2024, the following IPU Members are scheduled to report: 



Based on responses received before 15 June 2024, a report will be presented to the IPU Assembly in October. Highlights of good practices by Member Parliaments are also shared on our website as case studies.

If you are an IPU Member Parliament wishing to complete the survey and share your good practices with us, the 2024 Members survey is available here (MS Word and online formats). Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.