World e-Parliament Conference 2018

World e-Parliament Conference 2018
3 - 5 Dec 2018 - Geneva, Switzerland

Watch the video of the conference's highlights.

It is time to raise the question of how technology supports innovation in the transformation of parliamentary processes; how it can act as a catalyst for modernisation, culture change and for increasing transparency and enhancing representation.

“Innovation” will therefore be the theme running through the 2018 World e-Parliament Conference. The policy track will examine the impact of new tools on the job of a parliamentarian and on the institution of parliament. Meanwhile, the technical track will go into the details of the innovative approaches that parliaments are developing to support parliamentarians and to carry out the institution’s core functions.

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The conference will feature the following highlights:

  1. Launch of the World e-Parliament Report 2018;
  2. Launch of the Centre for Innovation in Parliament;
  3. Keynote on innovation and its meaning in the parliamentary context;
  4. Thematic 'blocks' to enable in-depth discussion of policy and technical issues.
  5. 'Unconference' sessions whose themes will be defined by conference participants, based on their interests and priorities. Special consideration will be given to how innovation happens in different contexts (for example, small parliaments; parliaments with limited ICT infrastructure, new parliaments, etc).
  6. A “Parliamentary showcase” where parliaments can demonstrate their innovations, and tell the stories of how these were realised.

For further information, please contact the Inter-Parliamentary Union (E-mails: and; Phone: +41 22 919 41 50)