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World e-Parliament Conference 2018




Watch the conference highlights.

It is time to raise the question of how technology supports innovation in the transformation of parliamentary processes; how it can act as a catalyst for modernisation, culture change and for increasing transparency and enhancing representation.

“Innovation” will therefore be the theme running through the 2018 World e-Parliament Conference. The policy track will examine the impact of new tools on the job of a parliamentarian and on the institution of parliament. Meanwhile, the technical track will go into the details of the innovative approaches that parliaments are developing to support parliamentarians and to carry out the institution’s core functions.

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The conference will feature the following highlights:

  1. Launch of the World e-Parliament Report 2018;
  2. Launch of the Centre for Innovation in Parliament;
  3. Keynote on innovation and its meaning in the parliamentary context;
  4. Thematic \'blocks\' to enable in-depth discussion of policy and technical issues.
  5. \'Unconference\' sessions whose themes will be defined by conference participants, based on their interests and priorities. Special consideration will be given to how innovation happens in different contexts (for example, small parliaments; parliaments with limited ICT infrastructure, new parliaments, etc).
  6. A “Parliamentary showcase” where parliaments can demonstrate their innovations, and tell the stories of how these were realised.

For further information, please contact the Inter-Parliamentary Union (E-mails: [email protected] and [email protected]; Phone: +41 22 919 41 50)

Monday, 3 December 2018

- Registration
- Opening ceremony
Opening remarks: Ms. Gabriela Cuevas Barron, IPU President (delivered by Mr. Duarte Pacheco, Chair of Twelve Plus Group)
- Keynote: The impact of technological innovation on parliaments and parliamentarians
The impact of technological innovation on parliaments and parliamentarians: Ms. Beth Coleman, University of Waterloo, Canada
- Coffee
- Presentation and discussion: Centre for Innovation in Parliament; World e-Parliament Report 2018
Centre for Innovation in Parliament: Mr. Martin Chungong, IPU Secretary General; World e-Parliament Report 2018: Mr. Andy Williamson, author
- What an innovative parliament looks like
Mr. Frode Rein, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Norway
- Lunch
- Parliamentary showcase
Suriname - Internal collaboration & knowledge networking platform
- Being an effective parliamentarian in 2019
Moderator: Mr. Duarte Pacheco, MP, Portugal
Policy & Governance track
- Leading by example: Greener parliaments
Mr. Bruno Penne, Head of IT, Belgium; Mr. Manuel Pereira Gonzalez, Digital Transformation Adviser, Spain; Mr. Sihle Dube, ECM administrator, South Africa; Mr. Harrison Owino, ICT Director, Kenya.
Tech implementation track
- Parliamentary showcase
Ukraine - e-Parliament Strategy in Action.
- Good practices in the use of social media
Mr. Antonio Anastasia, Senator, Brazil; Mr. Giorgio Jackson, MP, Chile; Ms. Ravza Kavakci Kan, MP, Turkey. Moderator: Mr. Andy Williamson.
Policy & Governance track
- "Artificial intelligence" in legislative document management
Mr. Rodolfo Vaz, Citizen Engagement Solutions, Brazil; Mr. Peter Reichstädter, CIO, Austria. Moderator: Mr. Carlo Marchetti, Head of IT System Development, Italy.
Tech implementation track

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

- Listening to – and responding to – citizens’ demands
Mr. Cedric Frolick, MP, South Africa; Mr. Thibaut Dernoncourt, Parlement & Citoyens; Mr. Givi Mikanadze, Secretary General, Parliament of Georgia. Moderator: Ms. Faustina Caley, MP, Namibia

Policy & Governance track
- Workshop: Planning for the cloud
Moderators: Mr. Soufiane Ben Moussa, CIO, Canada; Mr. Garreth Ferguson, ICT Manager, Trinidad & Tobago
Tech implementation track
- Parliamentary showcase
Islamic Republic of Iran
- Parliaments in the age of disinformation and "fake news"
Mr. Tommaso Venturini, Internet and Society Center, CNRS, France; Ms. Sophia Ignatidou, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, UK; Ms. Lonah Mumelo, MP, Kenya. Moderator: Ms. Beatriz Paredes, Senator, Mexico
Policy & Governance track
- New developments in technology tools for parliamentarians
Mr. Kil Sup Lee, ICT Director, Republic of Korea; Mr. Petteri Nymann, Web Producer, Finland; Mr. Sari Wilenius, Planner, Finland; Mr. Hashim Al-Alawi, Head of ICT Directorate, Bahrain. Moderator: Mr. Michael Mukaka, ICT Director, Zambia
Tech implementation track
- Lunch
- Parliamentary showcase
Indonesia - "DPR Now!” An Answer to the Challenge of Modern Parliament
- New ways of working with civil society
Ms. Abir Obeidi, LIFT, Switzerland; Mr. Dan Barrett, Head of Data and Search, UK. Moderator: Ms. Karin Luck, MP, Chile
Policy & Governance track
- Unconference: What’s new in parliamentary video
Mr. Ehud Becke, Knesset Research and Information Centre, and Mr. Amit Schnitzer, Deputy Director, Knowledge and Information Division, Israel; Ms. Saseeta Ramsahye-Rakha, ICT Manager, Mauritius.
Tech implementation track
- Parliamentary showcase
Italy - Mobile services for members
- Assessing the impact of increased parliamentary openness
Mr. Giorgio Jackson, MP, Chile; Mr. Alberto Fernandez, IDEA; Ms. Julia Keutgen, Westminster Foundation for Democracy. Moderator: Mr. Nigel De Freitas, Vice President of the Senate, Trinidad and Tobago
Policy & Governance track
- Workshop: Hackathons: a new approach to engaging civil society
Ms. Abir Obeidi, LIFT, Switzerland
Tech implementation track
- Centre for Innovation in Parliament
ICT Governance thematic hub. Host: European Parliament
- Reception

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

- Unconference: Transparency in political financing
Mr. Yukihiko Hamada, IDEA
Policy & Governance track
- Centre for Innovation in parliament: Francophone countries Tech implementation track
- Centre for Innovation in Parliament
Southern Africa regional hub. Host: Zambia. Open Data Inter-Parliamentary Cloud hub. Host: Brazil
- Parliamentary showcase
Azerbaijan - Rethinking Approaches for Publishing Parliamentary Proceedings
- Sharing innovation between parliaments
Mr. Jerry Hilbert, ECPRD Coordinator for ICT in Parliaments; Parliaments hosting parliamentary hubs: Brazil, Chile, Zambia, European Parliament. Moderator: Mr. Saber Chowdhury, Honorary IPU President
Policy & Governance track
- Unconference: The end of parliament as we know it?
Mr. Abdulaziz Alhargan, MP, Saudi Arabia
Tech implementation track
- Lunch
- Parliamentary showcase
Xcential: Data-first - Legislative Drafting
- Update on the UN Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, and Conference highlights and conclusions
Update: Ms. Claire Messina, Deputy Director of the Secretariat, UN Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation. Conference highlights and conclusions: Mr. Andy Williamson
- Closing ceremony
Mr. Martin Chungong, IPU Secretary General

Thursday, 6 December 2018

- Steering Committee - Centre for Innovation in Parliament In camera meeting for Steering Committee members



Parliamentary showcase