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IPU Assemblies

This is a list of Statutory Assemblies and Conferences held since 1889. For a list of outcomes of Assemblies until the 137th Assembly, go to the archive page. For outcomes from the 138th Assembly onwards, click on the link to the Assembly.

1st Paris (France) 18892nd London (United Kingdom) 1890
3rd Rome (Italy) 18914th Bern (Switzerland) 1892
5th The Hague (Netherlands) 18946th Brussels (Belgium) 1895
7th Budapest (Hungary) 18968th Brussels (Belgium) 1897
9th Christiania (Norway) 189910th Paris (France) 1900
11th Vienna (Austria) 190312th Saint-Louis (USA) 1904
13th Brussels (Belgium) 190514th London (United Kingdom) 1906
15th Berlin (Germany) 190816th Brussels (Belgium) 1910
17th Geneva (Switzerland) 191218th The Hague (Netherlands) 1913
19th Stockholm (Sweden) 192120th Vienna (Austria) 1922
21st Copenhagen (Denmark) 192322nd Bern (Switzerland) 1924
23rd Washington (USA) and Ottawa (Canada) 192524th Paris (France) 1927
25th Berlin (Germany) 192826th London (United Kingdom) 1930
27th Bucharest (Romania) 193128th Geneva (Switzerland) 1932
29th Madrid (Spain) 193330th Istanbul (Turkey) 1934
31st Brussels (Belgium) 193532nd Budapest (Hungary) 1936
33rd Paris (France) 193734th The Hague (Netherlands) 1938
35th Oslo (Norway) 193936th Cairo (Egypt) 1947
37th Rome (Italy) 194838th Stockholm (Sweden) 1949
39th Dublin (Ireland) 195040th Istanbul (Turkey) 1951
41st Bern (Switzerland) 195242nd Washington (USA) 1953
43rd Vienna (Austria) 195444th Helsinki (Finland) 1955
45th Bangkok (Thailand) 195646th London (United Kingdom) 1957
47th Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 195848th Warsaw (Poland) 1959
49th Tokyo (Japan) 196050th Brussels (Belgium) 1961
51st Brasilia (Brazil) 196252nd Belgrade (Yugoslavia) 1963
53rd Copenhagen (Denmark) 196454th Ottawa (Canada) 1965
55th Teheran (Iran) 196656th Lima (Peru) 1968
57th New Delhi (India) 196958th The Hague (Netherlands) 1970
59th Paris (France) 197160th Rome (Italy) 1972
61st Tokyo (Japan) 197462nd London (United Kingdom) 1975
63rd Madrid (Spain) 197664th Sofia (Bulgaria) 1977
65th Bonn (FRG) 197866th Caracas (Venezuela) 1979
67th Berlin (GDR) 198068th Havana (Cuba) 1981
69th Rome (Italy) 198270th Seoul (Republic of Korea) 1983
71st Geneva (Switzerland) 198472nd Geneva (Switzerland) 1984
73rd Lomé (Togo) 198574th Ottawa (Canada) 1985
75th Mexico City (Mexico) 198676th Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1986
77th Managua (Nicaragua)198778th Bangkok (Thailand) 1987
79th Guatemala City (Guatemala) 198880th Sofia (Bulgaria) 1988
81st Budapest (Hungary) 198982nd London (United Kingdom) 1989
83rd Nicosia (Cyprus) 199084th Punta del Este (Uruguay) 1990
85th Pyongyang (D.P.R. Korea) 199186th Santiago (Chile) 1991
87th Yaoundé (Cameroon) 199288th Stockholm (Sweden) 1992
89th New Delhi (India) 199390th Canberra (Australia) 1993
91st Paris (France) 199492nd Copenhagen (Denmark) 1994
93rd Madrid (Spain) 199594th Bucharest (Romania) 1995
95th Istanbul (Turkey) 199696th Beijing (China) 1996
97th Seoul (Republic of Korea) 199798th Cairo (Egypt) 1997
99th Windhoek (Namibia) 1998100th Moscow (Russian Federation) 1998
101st Brussels (Belgium) 1999102nd Berlin (Germany) 1999
103rd Amman (Jordan) 2000104th Jakarta (Indonesia) 2000
105th Havana (Cuba) 2001106th Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) 2001
107th Marrakech (Morocco) 2002108th Santiago (Chile) 2003
109th Geneva (Switzerland) 2003110th Mexico City (Mexico) 2004
111th Geneva (Switzerland) 2004112th Manila (Philippines) 2005
113th Geneva (Switzerland) 2005114th Nairobi (Kenya) 2006
115th Geneva (Switzerland) 2006116th Nusa Dua, Bali (Indonesia) 2007
117th Geneva (Switzerland) 2007118th Cape Town (South Africa) 2008
119th Geneva (Switzerland) 2008120th Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) 2009
121st Geneva (Switzerland) 2009122nd Bangkok (Thailand) 2010
123rd Geneva (Switzerland) 2010124th Panama City (Panama) 2011
125th Bern (Switzerland) 2011126th Kampala (Uganda) 2012
127th Quebec City (Canada) 2012128th Quito (Ecuador) 2013
129th Geneva (Switzerland) 2013130th Geneva (Switzerland) 2014
131st Geneva (Switzerland) 2014132nd Hanoi (Viet Nam) 2015
133rd Geneva (Switzerland) 2015134th Lusaka (Zambia) 2016
135th Geneva (Switzerland) 2016136th Dhaka (Bangladesh) 2017
137th St. Petersburg (Russia) 2017138th Geneva (Switzerland) 2018
139th Geneva (Switzerland) 2018140th Doha (Qatar) 2019
141st Belgrade (Serbia) 2019Governing Council (Extraordinary), Geneva (Switzerland) 2020
142nd Geneva (Switzerland) 2021143rd Madrid (Spain) 2021
144th Nusa Dua (Indonesia) 2022145th Kigali (Rwanda) 2022
146th Manama (Bahrain) 2023147th Luanda (Angola) 2023
148th Geneva (Switzerland) 2024