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Governing Council

The Governing Council is our administrative and policy-making body. Its meetings are usually held during our twice-yearly Assemblies. It decides on admitting, readmitting and suspending members and on our activities. It oversees our budget and work programme and sets contribution rates. 

The Governing Council elects our President and Secretary General and decides on the mandate and composition of committees, working groups and ad hoc bodies. It also determines when and where our Assemblies take place, and approves venues and dates of future events on specific issues. Representatives of international organizations may be invited to follow the Council's work as observers.

The Governing Council is made up of three MPs from each Member Parliament, provided that the delegation includes both men and women. Single-sex delegations are limited to one MP.

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Every year, many MPs around the world face abuse, mistreatment or even death. Our Committee on the Human Rights of MPs seeks to protect and defend them.
Photo: © Reuters/Khaled Abdallah Ali Al Mahdi
The Committee began life in 1987, when it focused on tracking and supporting the peace process between Israel and Palestine. It has now expanded its scope to cover peace, security and dialogue throughout the region.
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Our Group of Facilitators for Cyprus is composed of three members who facilitate contacts between the two Cypriot communities.
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The Committee to Promote Respect for International Humanitarian Law advocates for the protection of civilians and combatants in conflict around the world through the adoption and ratification of relevant laws and treaties.
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HIV/AIDS and the well-being of mothers and children are two critical areas in health and development. Our Advisory Group on Health works to end the epidemic and significantly improve the health of women and children everywhere.
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The Forum of Women Parliamentarians is a unique entity that has for more than 30 years provided women MPs a global platform to input into international decision-making.
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Our Forum of Young Parliamentarians was set up to spearhead our work to boost the participation of young people in parliaments and to help ensure young MPs play a full part in the work of parliament.
The IPU High-Level Advisory Group on Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism was established in 2017 to serve as the global focal point for parliamentary activities related to counter-terrorism efforts.
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The Working Group on Science and Technology (WGST) was established by the IPU Governing Bodies to serve as the global parliamentary focal point for issues related to science and technology. The Group is composed of members of parliament who have