Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade

Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade


Photo by Ami Vitale/World Bank/CCBY

Across the world, many millions of people are still living below the poverty line. Many are dying because of lack of health care while others have little to no prospects for a better life because education is denied or job opportunities are scarce. The impact of climate change is further undermining human development and our future.

Parliaments have a responsibility to eradicate poverty and ensure sustainable development for every citizen they represent. For fair and inclusive economic growth that leaves no-one behind and which safeguards our planet, there has to be effective governance at all levels.

Our Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade works to improve the lives and well-being of the world’s citizens and the planet. It does this through the issues of fair trade, protection of the environment, financing for development and other questions that impact on the way our world evolves.  

Once a year the Committee focuses on a specific issue related to its remit and proposes recommendations through a resolution that frames future parliamentary action at national and international levels. Water governance, reducing the risk to life and development from disasters, and finding innovative financing mechanisms for sustainable growth, are some of the recent issues the Committee has tackled for parliamentary follow up.

The Committee’s work is a key part of our commitment to sustainable development—which covers a broad area of our mission, including trade, effective aid, health and protecting our planet.

It is one of our four permanent committees, which meet at our twice-yearly Assemblies.  All Member parliaments are able to take an active role in putting forward items for the Committee agenda, bringing their perspective to the debates and the drafting of resolutions.   

The work of the Committee is guided by an 18-member Bureau with representatives from all geopolitical groups. The Bureau helps to set the agenda for each session and proposes a work programme for the Committee.