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The poster is a ʺsnapshotʺ of the presence of women in the Executive and Legislative branches of Government, in January 2012. The poster provides information on the percentage of women in ministerial ranks, women in parliaments, women in the highest
Public expectations of parliament are evolving, under the influence of information and communication technologies. Citizens are demanding greater accountability from their representatives. Parliaments are making efforts to engage with citizens more effectively, but the tangible impact on parliamentary work is
The World e-Parliament Report 2012 documents the efforts of legislatures to use information and communication technologies (ICT) to support their constitutional functions. The Report is based on a surveyconducted by the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament between February and
In 2012, the IPU Advisory Group on HIV/AIDS published a guide, Raising the Profile of HIV and AIDS in Your Parliament, which is intended to be a practical tool for parliamentarians who wish to organize themselves into cross-party groups and
This handbook, a collaborative effort of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and UNICEF, addresses some of the key ways in which parliamentarians can guarantee that children's voices, concerns and interests find expression in and are taken into account by parliaments. It aims
The annual brochure provides an overview and analysis of progress made and setbacks encountered by women in parliament further to elections and renewals held over a year. Produced every year on the occasion of International Women's Day (2 March), it
The IPU Annual Report offers a summary of the salient events and meetings. Richly illustrated with photographs, this publication provides a vital overview of the activities of the world organization of parliaments. The final section covers more institutional aspects such
This illustrated booklet reports on the work of the annual 2011 session of the Parliamentary Conference on the WTO, which took place in March 2011 as a joint undertaking of the IPU and the European Parliament. The booklet includes speeches
The Report on Gender-Sensitive Parliaments is the result of a two-year research project. It follows up on a previous IPU publication, Equality in Politics: A Survey of Women and Men in Parliaments (2008). That Survey had found that women were
This paper summarizes the results of a worldwide survey on politicl party control over the exercise of the parliamentary mandate conducted in 2009-2010 by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The notion of party control should be interpreted in a wider sense than
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Adopted by the Governing Council of the IPU in October 2011 with an overall title “Better parliaments, stronger democracy”, IPU Strategy for 2012–2017 charts the course for IPU development in the next five years and serves to garner resources and
The new tool is intended to assist members of parliament in their oversight of national progress and investments made towards achieving the MDGs from the perspective of disaster risk reduction, a crucial component of development policies. Goal by goal, the