Committee on Democracy and Human Rights

Committee on Democracy and Human Rights


Photo by ytulauratambien/CCBY

Across the world, people are fighting for democracy and their human rights which continue to be under threat in many ways, in many places.

In the face of such threats, our Committee on Democracy and Human Rights works to promote democracy and protect the human rights for all of society. Its work is part of our overall commitment to human rights and building democracy.

The Committee examines current and developing challenges to democracy and human rights. It proposes parliamentary action on these at both national and international level through the political resolutions it sets out once a year, and which are adopted by the entire IPU membership.

Ensuring the freedom of expression, privacy in the digital era and using social media as an effective tool to promote democracy, are some of the many challenges that have arisen through the use of new technology. The Committee has taken on these and other issues such as youth participation in political life, the protection of migrant children and the right to health for women, newborns and children. Its resolutions on many issues have often developed into extensive IPU programme work at global, regional and national levels.

It is one of our four permanent committees, which meet at our twice-yearly Assemblies. All Member Parliaments are able to take an active role in putting forward items for the Committee agenda, bringing their perspective to the debates and the drafting of resolutions. 

The work of the Committee is guided by an 18-member Bureau with representatives from all geo-political groups. The Bureau helps to set the agenda for each session and proposes a work programme for the Committee.