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Ensuring that outer space remains a common good


The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND), are co-organizing a webinar on parliamentary action to protect outer space for the benefit and common security of humanity.

Outer space is an increasingly important domain for global prosperity and security – many civil, communication, military, and scientific tasks are performed daily thanks to the coordination of satellites in outer space. However, efforts to develop military technology in outer space is a worrying trend amidst the current tensions.

This webinar will focus on the role of parliaments and parliamentarians to protect space for peace and our common heritage. It will draw upon information, recommendations and examples of effective policy from the “outer space” section of the joint publication “Assuring our Common Future”.


  1. Increase the awareness of participants on the connections between disarmament, peace, and outer space;
  2. Identify opportunities and networks of action that could help parliaments play a more active role in ensuring the peaceful use of outer space;
  3. Share ‘good parliamentary practices’ and effective policies on disarmament in outer space.

The event will take place online. Session 1  will take place in English only and Session 2 in English, French and Spanish via with simultaneous interpretation.

Session 1: Timed for the Asia/Pacific region – 7:00 CET (English only)

Session 2: Timed for the Americas/Europe/Africa: 17:00 CET (English with French and Spanish simultaneous interpretation)


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